Student Testimonies

BreanneSpiritual Maturity at a Young Age by Breanne Morgan Galey (L.I.T. 2009-2010)

Throughout my two years in L.I.T. (and the many years of returning to serve as a leader that followed), I learned in depth what utilizing my talents in ministry looked like, how to share the Gospel personally and effectively, how to pray, how to study Scripture, and how to overall orient my life towards the scriptural teachings, disciplines, and callings God has for Christians. I was learning how to fall into the rhythm of a relationship with God (a big deal for a 12-year-old!).

I feel that I developed a spiritual maturity at a young age that I never would have otherwise. It is because of L.I.T. that I feel I’ve been able to start the Gospel conversation in soDSC 0005 2019 03 07 18 15 54 UTC many relationships I’ve had throughout high school, college, and now in my adult career with ease and confidence. It has always stuck with me that it’s not my job to convict or bring salvation upon any person, but that God equips me with the Good News and brings the joy and confidence I need to share, without any personal pressure for an outcome. I truly believe that because I was able to practice sharing the Gospel so many times at such a young age (both in the safe setting of a Bible study group and with other kids I met at outreach events) that I’ve been able to share with such ease ever since.