Student Testimonies

Picture4 I Am Not Ashamed That I Am a Christian by Caitlyn Conover

Being a part of the L.I.T. program has been the highlight of my year since I first started. I began L.I.T. when I was in 5th grade. I am currently in 12th grade, and I am still involved.

It teaches lots of things that stick with you through hands-on experience and serving in different roles. Because of this, my eyes have been opened to how I can help at home and in the communities around me.

L.I.T. taught me that I can share God’s love whenever and wherever. It does not have to be a certain week of the year to share the Gospel. I have learned to be proud to have God with me through everything.

I am not ashamed that I am a Christian. L.I.T. helped me realize that we need to involve our younger leaders in the church because they are the next generation, the next church, and the next prayer warriors.

L.I.T. has called me to be a leader and assist others who may be timid or unsure about sharing the Gospel. Involving children with leadership in the church encourages them to show His love through action and allows them to discover their own spiritual gifts.

We are all called to share the Gospel, and we all have a different role in sharing it. L.I.T has shown me what my role is in His mission.

Caitlyn has been such a blessing over the past two summers serving with us on our mission trips. Her joy is contagious, and it pours into her giftedness as a leader.