Bo & Julie Davis

I've been a Christian for many years and have done many Bible studies, but no study has been as life-changing as the L.I.T. curriculum! I learned more in teaching the first year L.I.T. curriculum than I had most of Holly and Timmy life. L.I.T. taught me who I am in Christ, how to know Him intimately, how to fight spiritual warfare, and how to live my life for Him in surrender.

As I studied and taught, God began to show me truths I had never been taught before. Nobody had ever discipled me after I'd initially prayed to ask Jesus in my heart. No one told me, "Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride because now you have an adversary that wants to kill, steal, and destroy you." But this curriculum did. I realized I'd been listening to Satan spew lies at me and tricking me into thinking it was God condemning me all of my Christian life. I lived in that condemnation. I truly believe this is how most Christians live. How sad is that? It's impossible to fight and live victoriously if you don't know there's a war waged against you and you have weapons to fight with.

L.I.T. taught me I'm made righteous by the blood of Jesus through Scripture reading and memorization. I began to see the world differently and began to fall deeply and madly in love with Jesus. My worldview completely flipped upside down as I began to see Truth and Life in the Word of God Most High and that His will for my life is to love Him and love others. It's truly that simple.

I began teaching my children these truths and pouring into them who God says they are, not the world. My daughter Jadyn was in Nehemiah Kids and learning these truths as well. At the age of 10, she went on her first L.I.T. mission trip and sought God and what He wanted from her. He told her to get face down and pray to Him and something good would happen the next day. The next day, Jadyn led a girl to Christ! Since that mission trip, Jadyn has been growing in her faith and has been on three more L.I.T. mission trips, one church mission trip to Mexico, and three international mission trips with Awe Star Ministries. She is 15 years old and deeply loves Jesus and loves others.

It all started with L.I.T. I'm so thankful this program was introduced to us. I'm so overwhelmed at the goodness of the Lord. I praise God for L.I.T. and the many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ I've met and grown to love as family! My husband has taught and grown as a Christian with L.I.T. My son is starting 5th grade L.I.T. this fall after two years of Nehemiah Kids. This program is an intrinsic part of discipleship, starting from very young to obviously adult if people are open and willing to allow God to awaken the soldier within.

Taste and see that the Lord is good, put on your armor of God, and MOVE! God is always working—we need only to know Him, seek Him, and follow His lead.


It’s so Fulfilling to See What the Lord Does Through This Ministry

We had a chance to sit down and interview Bo and Julie Davis last spring and hear their testimonies. Their stories are consistent with what we are hearing from other churches. Julie shared, “We get to see so many kids start from first grade, and now they are in youth still serving. It is so neat to watch their growth. We have a first grader (our son) who is learning to spend time with the Lord daily, and he loves it. Both of our boys have given their lives to Christ through this ministry. Last year, our son Joshua gave his life to Christ on the mission trip during the Kids Blitz.”

During the interview, Bo shared, “I never thought I would be working in Children’s Ministry. It’s so fulfilling to see what the Lord does through this ministry and through these children. There are spiritual disciplines that they learn. To see the spiritual gifts pulled out of them is absolutely incredible. To put it on a very personal level, I wasn’t saved until I was 18 years old. I didn’t know anything about church or discipleship. To see my boys learning these disciplines and giving their lives to Christ at a young age is so rewarding as a parent….to learn these things at a young age, to learn how to serve and why it is important to serve the body of Christ. The fact that we have seen so many of our original L.I.T.s—fifth and sixth graders—who are now juniors and seniors…I don’t have enough fingers to count how many are serving on Wednesday nights. This also includes those who are actually leading groups. It is incredible!” (Bo & Julie Davis are parents, and they serve as the L.I.T. and Nehemiah Kids Directors at Hillcrest Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, Texas.)

 Hear their personal story.