Joel Hayworth, Seminary Student, Ozark, Missouri
"L.I.T. (Leaders in Training) taught me at a young age the value of a personal, daily quiet time with the Lord. During my years in LIT, I began to grow dramatically in my belief in God and gain a newfound understanding of how God speaks to His followers, through His Word. Serving in Joel Hayworthmy church (First Baptist Church, Ozark) has allowed me to see the body of Christ at work in a number of different facets. Serving, and serving in many different avenues, has given me a greater appreciation of leaders within my own church as well as a deeper faith on a personal level. Being stretched in these different locations of service has given me the opportunity to grow both in my faith from an evangelistic standpoint as well as a theological one.

Once the importance of service is ingrained in the fiber of your being, it is nearly impossible to get out. Whenever I joined the student ministry at my church it was natural to serve in whatever capacity was available. Because I was given the opportunity to serve through L.I.T. at a young age I was prepared to serve in different positions as I advanced throughout my time within the student ministry and now into college ministry. I have been serving within the church since I was in 5th grade, nearly 13 years ago."