ETNG Conference Testimonies

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“It provides an excellent amount of information, inspiration, and challenging of old conventions.” —Mitch Freeman, Children’s Pastor, First Baptist Church, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

“It has confirmed my perspective and given me a plan to cast and implement.” —Jill Giallanza, Children’s Minister, Jesus Chapel, El Paso, Texas

“I have had my eyes opened to the idea that kids can and should be ministering in the church today. It really cast the vision well.” —Leslie Freeman, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

“The time is now—we need to start implementing this so we do not lose any more kids. It is so well-written and easily discernable. It’s excellent.” —Bridget Scheumacker

“It’s an answer to a great need in our church. I love the training.” —Frankie Scott, Church Leader, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

“I wanted something like this, so it made me more excited. It put flames to the coals. I am excited about the possibilities.” —Elly Griffin, FBC Sapulpa

“I have a greater understanding of the role children have in the body of Christ. I feel I have the tools I need to continue sharing this vision with parents and inspiration to continue to advocate for children’s discipleship and serving. I think this is such a needed ministry area in today’s churches, and it gives children’s leaders tools to truly build up kids in the body.” —Catherine New, Children’s Minister

“It challenged me to see them (children) as true ambassadors and equipped disciples when they are trained well. It helped me understand the fallout in the next generation and connect the dots to the problem. I loved the biblical references for all the concepts. Pure Scripture. J” —Esther Lee, Student Minister, Journey of Faith Church

“I have realized how critical it is for our children to become connected with their faith through ministry. It breathes life into their faith. This is urgent!!! The Ezekiel Principle provided me an easy-to-understand, easy-to-share vision of moving children (or anyone!) from the bench to playing in the game (or from the shore to swimming)! Also, lots of suggestions and a well laid-out plan to follow, as well as the focus on Christ and prayer take a lot of guess work out of it. I am so excited that this discipleship model is in print! It is the key to unlock passion and enthusiasm for ministry and evangelism in our children, and as a result, it will impact the whole church!” Gerry Patton, Leader, View Acres Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK

“The 4/14 Window is great information—it adds to the importance of being intentional in discipling kids. This goes beyond informative and involves a paradigm shift for most. If we can implement this in our churches and develop/disciple this generation, the kingdom will grow.” Rex Roberts, Senior Pastor, Newkirk, OK

“It has shown me that I am holding them (children) back and need to let them move on and now. The roles I have them serving in are little. Yes, I am visual and need to see a plan. Going through the conference helped me visualize the structure we need to make this philosophy happen.” Nicole Ryba, Children’s Pastor, Goddard United Methodist Church, Goddard, KS
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