Paul at 40thL.I.T. Ministries Doesn’t Wait For Children to Grow Up to Begin Ministering,  Paul Fleischmann 
“Though I have ministered to teenagers all my life, in recent years I’ve observed God raising up a burgeoning worldwide movement to reach and mobilize children and Paul at 40thpreteens. Here in the U.S., one of the leading examples of this is L.I.T. Ministries. In a recent global conference for the “4-to-14 Window Movement” in Thailand, it was emphasized that children are not only the aim of our mission, they should be agents of that mission as well. A Singapore pastor said: “God is starting to move children in ways that the church has never really understood... doing things that we thought only adults could do before." I highly respect that L.I.T. Ministries doesn’t wait for children to grow up to begin ministering to others. They are actively demonstrating how to equip them as full partners, holding them in the same high regard that God Himself does.”
Paul Fleischmann, President Emeritus, National Network of Youth Ministries