Ministry Training Ideas

Glow Wall

The Glow Wall ministry is an exciting and inspirational way to use your L.I.T.s or N.K.s in ministry. The glow wall is coated with a phosphorescent paint. Using UV wash lights, you flash the wall while L.I.T.s are standing in front of it with patterns. When the lights are turned off and the children walk away, their shadows or the object's shadow shows up on the wall for a few seconds, leaving a temporary imprint. As soon as the lights are flashed again, the wall will clear the shadows. This, combined with inspirational music, can be a powerful tool for ministry.

Tech Team

Preteens are ready to step up to the challenge. Technology is a major part of their lives. With proper training, they can run your sound system, lights, and much more.

Stomp Team

Do you have preteens who have a tremendous amount of energy? Many preteens have tons of energy and like to exert that energy in different ways. Stomp can be a wonderful witnessing tool in the hands of preteens by providing them an opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ in their own unique way.

There are two primary forms of Stomp. The first is a form of percussion in which trash cans, buckets, sticks, pipes, and even pots and pans can be used to create music. This is shown in the video below. The second form is similar to a dance in which the preteens slap hands, feet, and even sticks while in motion to create music.

You can search the Internet for ideas on making instruments using things like PVC pipe, trash cans, and buckets.

Below is an example of a Stomp routine from the 2011 Mission Trip.

In this example, drums are made out of buckets with clear packing tape stretched over the opening. Fluorescent paint makes the sticks and buckets glow under the black light.

Splat Team

Nancy Posey is a Christian worship artist/art teacher who shares the love of Jesus through her live paintings at Christian events and churches. She has 21 years of experience in studio art and 19 years of experience in teaching art. Nancy and her husband Philip love being parents to three wonderful children: Haley, Kristen, and Jacob. If you are interested in starting a Splat Ministry, you can contact Nancy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..