Regular Questions asked by leaders contemplating starting LIT

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 What is the best time to do L.I.T. or Nehemiah Kids?

The best time to use the discipleship and ministry training plan is on a separate evening or day of the week from the usual Sunday morning time. The reason that it works best at another time DSC 9391is the commitment level. You are calling families to commit to discipling children in their homes, and you are laying aside a day of the week when your ministry focuses on discipling children.

The reason that it is not as effective on Sunday morning is the commitment level of parents. You may have the largest number of children on a given Sunday morning, but you will not have the commitment you will find from families who attend at another time of the week.

It is our belief that the body of Christ has a calling to make disciples. Many times in the church, we are focused on evangelism. That is great; however, what happens to the new believer in your church? You have to look at how you are going to disciple these believers. The mandate of Christ is to make disciples, so this becomes top priority (Matt. 28:19-20). Once children are discipled and trained, we send them out to reach their friends and family members.

What if a lost child comes to our church on the evening of N.K. or L.I.T.?

We have been asked this question multiple times. Our answer is—great! They can join in their appropriate group without any problem. The goal of N.K. and L.I.T. is to reach children with the Gospel of Christ and to disciple, equip, and release them for ministry in the church and on mission. This won’t be a problem knowing that a trained adult leader will be ready to share the Gospel with this lost child and then move them along with the other children in the group in their spiritual journey. We continue the discipleship process and bring them in as we move forward. Remember, the number one calling of the church is to make disciples, not converts.

Should a child do daily quiet times if they do not know Christ?

The answer is—yes! “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17). Many times, children will accept Christ at the beginning of their journey in N.K. and L.I.T. The Gospel is clearly presented throughout the devotionals.

Can a child join up after we have started our year?

Sure! Children will be on different levels of their spiritual journey, but you don’t hold everyone back so that they can catch up. You allow them to join you as you go. That way you are moving all of the children along in a way to learn how to walk with Christ and serve in His church. If you ask children to catch up with the devotionals, you will lose them quickly.