Grade School

The brief video explains how the Nehemiah Kids and L.I.T. devotionals effectively work at home. Master Heart Logo Master 1 18 23 w verses
The Student Devotionals and Leader Guides are part of a four-step process with both L.I.T. and Nehemiah Kids resources.

N.K. (1st-4th) Discipleship Student Devotionals
The heart of L.I.T. Ministries is to take children and preteens through the discipleship process so that they 
  1. know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord,
  2. live each day surrendered to Christ,
  3. spend time daily in the Word of God and apply what they have learned,
  4. have fervent prayer lives and actively worship the Lord,
  5. regularly share the Gospel with their friends and family and live mission-minded lives,
  6. serve in the church using their spiritual gifts(s), and
  7. live in full obedience to Christ.
LIT Level One Fall Devotional LIT Level 2 Fall Devotional LIT Level 3 Fall Devotional NK Level 4 Fall Devo

N.K. (1st-4th) Disciple Group: Leader Guides

LIT Level One Fall LG LIT Level 2 Fall LG LIT Level 3 Fall Devotional NK Level 4 Fall Devo