Russell Zacek

Russell ZacheryLeaders In Training is Exactly What I Was Looking For! Russell Zacek, Children's Pastor, Church Alive
I already had a passion for training up preteens in ministry and a desire to teach them the fundamentals of Christian discipleship. I had been looking for a curriculum and a program that was tested and proven to help kids grow in Christ and serve in the church. What I found was not only a treasure chest of excellent curriculum that puts the ball in the hands of the child to learn to follow Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit, but a system of helping the children become active, valuable participants in church! I also found a mentor who has gone before me. Dr. Clint May has personally advised and guided me on what to do to activate my students in growing in their faith and using their gifts to build the church. I have been able to participate in online discussion groups to share and gain ideas on how to do this amazing work. Leaders In Training is an excellent system for transforming children into disciples of Jesus and spiritual champions. The search for the best preteen discipleship resource and system ends here!