Mike Lehew
It's been more than ten years since Leaders In Training changed me, my ministry, and my family. Mike Lehew

It wasn't a curriculum or a program, but it was discipleship. I was mentored by Clint, and he, in turn, taught me how to disciple others, most importantly my family. They grew up spending time in the Word and exercising their gifts to serve in the church. It challenged us to move away from consumer-driven kids ministry to discipleship-driven ministry. 

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Johnny Deuron
I Cannot Stress How Valuable L.I.T. Has Been in The Life of My Own Son Dr. Johnny L. Derouen
"I cannot stress how valuable L.I.T. has been in the life of my own son and the children that I have had the joy of observing as God used LIT in their lives. No other ministry that I have ever seen has equipped children to walk with God on their own, develop their own ministry skills, actively involve them in ministry itself, and prepare them for a lifetime of ministry for Jesus than LIT!

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Posey FamilyL.I.T. Has Been a Big Part of Our Family Phil Posey

That year, my entire family went on the mission trip with her. We witnessed the Holy Spirit moving upon the L.I.T.s that year and knew God was calling us to be involved with L.I.T. Two years later, my second daughter was an L.I.T. By then, weekly L.I.T. training, going on the L.I.T. Mission Trip every summer, and telling people about Jesus had become part of our family culture. The kids loved it, and we were thrilled that they were excited about following and serving Jesus. In 2012, our mission trip was here in Fort Worth.

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Holly and Tim

"As I studied and taught, God began to show me truths I had never been taught before" Holy Elkin's

I've been a Christian for many years and have done many Bible studies, but no study has been as life-changing as the L.I.T. curriculum! I learned more in teaching the first year L.I.T. curriculum than I had most of my life. L.I.T. taught me who I am in Christ, how to know Him intimately, how to fight spiritual warfare, and how to live my life for Him in surrender.

As I studied and taught, God began to show me truths I had never been taught before. Nobody had ever discipled me after I'd initially prayed to ask Jesus in my heart. No one told me, "Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride because now you have an adversary that wants to kill, steal, and destroy you."

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