“L.I.T. has defined our discipleship for our kids and our parents. Parents don’t know it, but they are being discipled as they disciple their kids. It also helps them see the bigger picture that these kids are the church now.” Mike Lehew, Pastor, Inside Out Church
Through L.I.T. parent training resources, churches have averaged as much as 70-80 percent of children doing daily quiet times between 6 and 12 years of age. The parent training helps parents look at their family’s priorities and put Christ at the center of their homes and make their children’s spiritual growth number one. Once they understand their role, they make Christ the center of their home and prioritize spending time with Him in His Word each day. After doing their daily quiet times, children arrive at church prepared for their small group time. Their disciple group leader reinforces what they have studied in their devotionals and takes them deeper in their walk with Christ. The Leadership Guide develops leaders who become mentors to the children in their disciple groups.
Parent Training
Family Discipleship
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