Man! I wish I had known this before I started out in children’s ministry.

When I first started out in children’s ministry, I had no training at all.AdobeStock 191951134

I was put into the children’s church and told not to come out until the adult worship service was over.

Not really, but you know what I mean!

I had no earthly idea how to take a group of kids on a journey of spiritual growth.

I knew God had called me to work with kids, so I did the best I could by following His leadership. It sure did keep me on my knees a lot praying for wisdom.

If you are like me, when I chose curriculum or resources for the kids in my church, I had a simple plan…

If the cover looked really cool, I bought it!

Most of the time, I found out later on that the content was shallow.


Every year, I had a really difficult time finding qualified leaders to teach, so I took whoever was available and assigned them a classroom.

I pretty much just gave them a teacher’s guide and a resource kit and said see you next year.

I hate to admit it, but I really didn’t know how to train my folks for success.

So, I started attending a lot of conferences that were especially helpful to me.

But I often walked away with ideas for a specific area of ministry but not a plan for my ministry as a whole.

As the years went by, I eventually learned that my leadership needed a clear vision of where I was taking them.

This is when things got exciting!

I stepped out of the “ministry box” that I was in and became intentional about training leaders.

I taught them how to model the Christian faith like Paul did with Timothy. 

I taught them how to engage the kids in small groups using their spiritual gifts.

Oh yeah, and I figured out a way to get parents on board by showing them simple steps they could take at home to support their child’s spiritual growth.

The cool thing was that what they were learning at home, we reinforced at the church.

Then we began to see rapid change.

With moms and dads on board and leaders properly trained, we took the children on a journey that changed their lives in powerful ways.

You know what my problem was in the very beginning? I did not have a plan of action.

I did not know where I was going as a minister.

If this sounds familiar to you and if I am hitting a nerve, then you too can chart a new direction in your ministry with clear vision and direction.

We are to here to help!

We have developed a training event called “Empowering The Next Generation,” or ETNG.

At the ETNG conference, you will learn how to train leaders and parents who will walk alongside children to see maximum spiritual growth.

We will help you develop a vision for your ministry and show you how to cast your vision to your pastor and the leadership of your church.

You will walk away inspired by leaders who have walked this path of ministry and have had the same successful outcomes as above once they had a clear vision and direction.

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