Taking a Non-traditional Approach to Children's Ministry

L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) takes a non-traditional approach to children’s ministry.

Most curriculums are knowledge-based, where children are taught stories and information about the Bible 72according to their developmental learning styles.

In many cases, Christian resource providers have adopted this secular education model.

L.I.T. focuses more on what a child can do through the work of the Holy Spirit in their life.

Children at a very young age can begin developing a steady walk with Christ through daily Bible study and prayer.

A partnership between parents and the church has proven to be very effective in developing spiritual disciplines at home.

What children have studied at home is being reinforced during disciple group time by leaders who are models leading by example.

As a group progresses throughout the year, the leader intentionally gives more and more responsibility to the children in the group.


Children will lead the prayer time, teach part of the lesson, and call those who have missed that week.

The leader deliberately assigns them more responsibilities over time to help increase their faith and trust in Christ.

One of the draws of this approach to ministry is ministry training.

During the weekly L.I.T. meeting at the church, the evening is divided up into two parts: disciple group time and ministry training.

During ministry training, children are equipped for ministry in different venues within the church.

For example, they lead worship during children church, teach the children’s message, carry out tech responsibilities, participate in drama and puppets, etc.

They are trained for the purpose of ministry.

We believe that every person has the responsibility to share the Good News of Christ.Sign Up Bar

Because of this command, we train children how to share their faith.

Afterwards, we send them out to share their faith with lost friends.

Many times, they become fearless in sharing the Gospel with others.

Children are also trained to do outreach in their community and to take part in yearly mission trips.

L.I.T.’s non-traditional approach to children’s ministry has proven to be effective for more than 16 years.

Our resources accompanied by proper leader training have a lasting impact on children and sets them on a course for a life-sustaining faith.

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