Our Wednesday Evening Children's Ministry is Now Full of Life!

by DeAnn Noyles, Horizon Christian Fellowship, Littleton, ColoradoPicture2

We implemented the L.I.T. program in May of 2019, and we have seen God answer many long-awaited prayers! We had been seeking God for years with the burdens of equipping families to better disciple their children in the Lord, equipping kids to serve God now in their youth, and reaching kids in our community. God has used L.I.T. to answer all of these and more.

At our church, our Wednesday night service has transitioned from being extremely anemic to full of life! Our children’s ministry grew from one family in attendance and one teacher pouring into them to 13 adults and 17 or so children attending regularly! We had no midweek program for Jr. High students, and now we have 100% participating in L.I.T. with their own discipleship group. We have integrated them into our ministry teams as well, and two of those young ladies are DG leaders themselves.


Picture1We have seen men in our fellowship step forward to lead discipleship groups…men for whom we have prayed for years to be connected to our fellowship and grow in their walk with God. As they began leading young boys in God’s Word, He began transforming them, their homes, and their marriages.

God has shown us how to connect with parents and equip them to disciple their kids at home through the leaders making phone calls to students each week and through our L.I.T. parent orientation. There have been considerably serious circumstances in some of our students’ lives that we have been able to pray about for them and their families and offer support as the Church because of those parent/discipler relationships!

We are seeing a depth of prayer from our students that we have not witnessed before.

Kids are learning to serve in new ministry opportunities because of the ministry team trainings in L.I.T. They participated in a partially kid-run children’s church service on Sundays this fall. Eleven of our students just participated in a skit designed to share the gospel with children and families who attended a Christmas outreach at our church.

For more information about L.I.T. and our process to disciple and equip children click here.