Joining Children in My Church on Their Spiritual Journey

Do you find yourself constantly searching for something better for the children in your church?2020 Happy Circle

Have you tried about every curriculum there is?

Did you ever think, “Maybe it isn’t the curriculum that is the problem; maybe it’s the way we are doing children’s ministry”?

In a lot of churches today, we have embraced an education model similar to the public school system.

In education, children are age-graded.

Education is concerned with developmental learning styles according to age.

With the education model, the teacher teaches children about the Bible.

The education model often results in children knowing Scripture without having a relationship with the Master.

You need to ask yourself, “Does this align with God’s Word?”

Jesus tells us to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:19-20).

Discipleship involves modeling and mentoring.

Discipleship focuses on what God can do through the child.

Discipleship understands that every child has a purpose and that they can walk with Christ at any age God calls them.

Discipleship understands that children learn by doing—living out their faith.

Discipleship recognizes that children are called to minister today using their spiritual gifts.

Discipleship results in the mentee becoming the mentor.

The question you must ask is, “Which model am I using?”

There is an old saying that goes like this: “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You”ll Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten.”

Have we got exciting news for you!

Now you can begin a journey of discipling children and showing them how to walk with Christ daily.

You can come alongside them and train and equip them to serve now.

The joy of the discipleship model is watching children transform before your eyes as they learn to walk with the Savior every day.

L.I.T. resources show you how to develop a process that effectively disciples children and equips them for ministry in your church today.

Our resources embrace four critical areas of ministry: • family • discipleship/mentorship • ministry involvement • missions

Now you can have a resource that encompasses them all and sets you on a path of discipling children in your church.

If you would like more information about L.I.T. and how to start it in your church, click here, and we will gladly make an appointment with you to answer all of your questions.

Pressley accepted Christ three years ago at her church. She started L.I.T. at the church shortly afterward. Through being discipled, she now teaches regularly at her church and leads a Bible study at her school as 2019 07 17 10 02 16 1well. She has discovered that God has gifted her to teach, and she faithfully serves in her church and her school. This video was taken at an evangelistic event where Pressley shared the Gospel before 200 children and adults. Pressley is a testimony of the Holy Spirit’s work in children today. Click here to watch