Is Your Church In The Children's Ministry Box?

One of my joys is watching children grow in their faith in the body of Christ.AdobeStock 216990402 Reduced FB

I love to see those lightbulb moments for kids when their faith comes alive.

I was shocked years ago when I witnessed three 12-year-olds (6th graders) from my church lead three children to Christ.

A lot of questions popped into my mind that day.

One I felt came directly from the Lord.

He said, “Clint, is the abundant life for children too, or is it only for students and adults?”

That summer, the Lord began to call me out of the children’s ministry box I was in.

I was taught that children were limited by their age and could only do certain things for God.

The model I used in my church was having children just sit and listen while adults ministered to them.

I believed that there were limitations to what they could do in The Church. Boy, was I wrong!

The Lord showed me that He did not need my permission to work in and through the lives of children.

I just needed to get out of the way and allow Him to do His work.

That was when ministry became truly fun and exciting to me.

As I stepped out of the box, the Lord led me down a path that opened my eyes to the truth of God’s Word.Free Gift Test 92

The reality is that children are The Church today and the future.

Years ago, I felt led by the Lord to take our preteens on a mission trip to Corpus Christi, Texas.

It wasn’t a mission trip where they would work alongside adults.

It was a mission trip where they were the missionaries, and the adults assisted them. We trained them and equipped them.

I even had a little bit of resistance from the pastor at my church at first. This group of preteens led 27 people to Christ that summer.

Thirty mission trips later, I now KNOW without a doubt that God has a great plan for children in the local church today.

In 2004, I began videotaping and documenting what I observed.

What I have learned is that children receive everything God promises at the new birth.

They receive the whole package: salvation, being sealed by the Holy Spirit, gifts from the Holy Spirit, power from the Holy Spirit, and so much more.

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They can do incredible things for the Lord; you have to know when to step aside and allow God to move in and through their lives.

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