The War is Raging Against Our Kids!

Have you noticed that our children are under major attack today? There is an endless onslaught of worldly attempts to control their minds.ENTG Leadership Training

Their thoughts are the target of an enemy who wants to confuse who they believe they are. He wants to cripple them with fear and anxiety.

He wants them to believe they are nothing and have no value as believers in Christ.

Even though the enemy is on the move, God is working powerfully through the lives of children worldwide.

Kids are a mighty force ready to be unleashed in a lost and dying world…a world that is desperately searching for answers.

They are taking the message of Christ into their homes, communities, schools, villages, and cities.

Children are the greatest spiritual harvest field in the world.

Seventy percent of those who trust Christ internationally are between the ages of 4 and 14.

Amazingly, the most effective agents to reach this age group are kids.

They are fearless evangelists who enthusiastically share the Good News of Christ.

They are prayer warriors whose faith moves the heart of God in their midst.





Join Dr. Clint May as he shares how your ministry can train children to be missionaries in their homes, communities, and schools.

Clint has taken part in more than 30 preteen (4th-6th grades) mission trips in five states in the U.S.

Through these trips, he has personally witnessed how children experience God’s power and presence (Acts 1:8) when they are sharing the Gospel of Christ. 

From his first mission trip 16 years ago, Clint began documenting this work of God through children and has come to a greater understanding that there are no limitations on children in God’s kingdom work.

  • Children who share the Gospel experience the Spirit of God speaking through them.
  • Children pray passionately for lost kids, and many times, those lost kids become saved in the following days.
  • Their spiritual gifts become tangible as they minister and share Christ. The Holy Spirit gifts them for teaching, leadership, shepherding, mercy, faith, administration, and much more.
  • Following many of these mission trips, children became emboldened to take the message of Christ into their schools and to start Bible studies with other kids.

Clint will show you ways to move children in your church from just sitting to actively ministering.

He will help you see God’s plan and purpose for kids today.

Clint is convinced that “children are not called to observe; they are called to be missionaries NOW.”

You will leave this special training time with excitement to mobilize young missionaries in your church to be a powerful force in the world.

Dr. Clint May is the President and Founder of L.I.T. Ministries. He has authored numerous devotional books and discipleship resources for children in 1st-6th grades. He has also written and developed the ETNG (Empower The Next Generation) Leadership Training Conference Handbook, which has been used to train thousands of pastors and leaders worldwide. Clint recently released his new book, Going Deep: Taking Children into the Spiritual Depths with God. The book documents years of observations of children on mission for God and how these experiences have set many of them on a path for life with a deep passion to reach others with the Good News of Christ.