From Missions Education to Missions Mobilization of Children to Reach the World

Jesus tells us to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

What if I told you that children are a significant force in the Great Commission?

They are the greatest harvest field worldwide. Seventy percent of those who trust in Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14 years.

What if I was to tell you that children in the 4 to 14 age bracket are the most effective agents in reaching their peers? That’s true.

Hi, I am Dr. Clint May. My passion is to reach children and their families with the Good News of Christ.

My heart is to reach children and then disciple them so that they become disciple-makers themselves.

In the last 20 years, I have fully changed my perspective on children and what they can or cannot do for the Lord.

We began to train every child in our church how to share their faith, and amazingly many of them led their siblings and friends to Christ.  Some even led their parents to the Lord.

Shortly afterward, we began to intentionally train and equip our preteens as missionaries to reach our community. We mobilized hundreds of our preteens into our community to share the Gospel with thousands of children in schools, apartments, mobile home parks, and other communities.

We did not want to stop there; we wanted to take them out of our city on a mission trip. We trained and equipped them to lead in every area of the mission trip, including teaching, leading worship, hosting games, and even sharing the Gospel with lost children.

Our first mission trip was six and a half hours from our church. We released our kids to lead the trip, and our adults stepped back and watched in wonder. On our first trip, our kids led 27 children and teenagers to Christ.

You see, Jesus calls ALL believers to fulfill the Great Commission. It is not a choice but a call, and when you train and release kids in the midst of His calling, He moves powerfully in and through their lives.

I want to personally invite you to join us March 6-7, for our Preteen and Student Missions-Evangelism Conference. The conference will be located at the Fellowship of Weatherford in Weatherford, Texas. We will show you a ministry model that moves through the steps of Acts 1:8:

  1. Where They Live (Jerusalem): Preteens and students take the Gospel into their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.
  2. Your Community (Judea & Samaria): Take preteens and students from your church out into your community to share the Goods News of Christ through off-campus events, such as Vacation Bible Schools, sports camps, and Backyard Bible Clubs.
  3. Mission Trips (Ends of the Earth): Train your preteens and students to be missionaries and then release them to share the Gospel on their own mission trips.

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