I Need You to Talk to My Daughter—She’s About to Get Kicked Out of School

A dad approached me as I walked down the hallway that Wednesday evening.1 black girl big smile

He said, “I need to talk with you.” I said, “Sure.”

He said, “I’m afraid Sarah will get kicked out of school. During recess, she pulls one child over at a time and shares the Gospel with them. She is fearless.”

Then I said what he did not like to hear: “Praise the Lord! She is being a missionary for Christ at her school.”

It is not rocket science when speaking of the Gospel and the Gospel message.

The Gospel is simple enough for children to respond to and share with their friends and family.

That is my point.

The world's most significant spiritual harvest field is the 4to14 Window, the age group of children from four to fourteen years.

Seventy percent of those who trust Christ are in this age group.

Another impressive statistic is that most of those in this demographic are reached by kids of the same age.

The first time I witnessed kids leading other kids to Christ was the summer I trained our kids to share the Gospel. I had taken them to a local apartment complex called Woodway on the Green.

They led worship, puppets, and prayer and did almost everything that we did at church.

I taught the lesson each day.

I shared the Gospel on the third day and invited kids to respond.

Three children stepped forward to respond.

I sat them down with three of our sixth graders (12-year-olds).

They talked for about 10-15 minutes.

Each one of the preteens prayed with the child they were talking with, and then they shared with me what happened. All three had accepted the Lord as their Savior.

I was a bit skeptical at first.

But when I talked with the three children, they clearly understood what they had just done.

After that summer, I made it our ministry objective to train every preteen and leader how to share their faith.

The funny thing is that they were fearless once they knew how to do it.

You don’t have to tell them to go. They go!

Here are some suggestions for developing missionaries:

  1. Don’t talk to kids about missionaries. Teach the kids in your church to BE missionaries.
  2. Train everyone in your ministry—kids and leaders—how to share the Gospel. That is our calling as ministers.
  3. Watch what happens. I have had adults thank me because they were never taught how to share their faith.
  4. Have Bibles and new Christian materials available to give to those children who have led friends to Christ.
  5. Watch and see the Lord work.

Remember, our call is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

To make disciples who make disciples.

There are some challenges to teaching children to share their faith:

  1. Make sure that the tool you use asks open-ended questions.
  2. Train children and leaders to counsel and then spend time role-playing to ensure they have it down.
  3. Don’t be afraid to release kids to share. I have talked with many children who made professions of faith and were led to Christ by a peer. The majority of them fully understood what they had done.

To assist you with this endeavor, we offer our ABC Counseling Card and training free of cost. 

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