Every year, I have leaders approach me saying, “I just don’t think our kids are ready or mature enough to take part in a mission trip. This is a huge responsibility to share the Gospel with lost people. They are not developmentally ready imageto do something like this.” I have heard a lot of concerns like these, but those concerns are quickly turned to amazement when leaders see firsthand how God moves in the lives of children.

Here are five things to think about when contemplating whether you should take your kids or send your kids on a mission trip:

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Children’s Ministry Assessment Test

Where is your children’s ministry today in relation to discipling children and releasing them in ministry in your church? By honestly answering the questions below, you can assess the effectiveness of your children’s ministry. Score your answers in the following way: 1 is rarely or never, and 5 is fully agree.
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When I was a kid, I used to love the pages my teacher would give us where we would draw a picture by connecting the numbers and dots. I am not fully sure what the purpose of the activity was, but you needed to know how to count or the picture wouldn’t turn out right. The best part of going step-by-step was seeing the picture develop before your eyes.
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I have had the privilege of teaching and training for many years now. As I researched about kids staying in the church, I began to see a trend. There is a critical connection between service, staying in the church, and becoming a fully-active member of the body of Christ. As I have taught this on many occasions, leaders have come up to me and said that this is why they themselves are in the church today. Last spring, I was leading a training in Alabama. One of the leaders talked to me afterwards and said, “You are right. My children’s pastor did this for me. I started teaching VBS when I was in the 4th grade.” One leader from a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shared with me: “This is exactly what happened to me. My children’s minister took twelve girls and had us teaching and serving alongside her in the church. All twelve of us are now in full-time ministry.” The preschool minister at the last church where I served told me that she had the same experience. She started teaching when she was 12 years old. The dots began to connect for me. Kids who serve at a young age become active teachers and leaders in the body of Christ as adults. It connects them to the church and gives them meaning in life.

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When someone talks about spiritual warfare, I sometimes raise an eyebrow. The truth is…it is very real. It’s often obvious to see in our world that seems to be falling apart and going crazy. In the past 28 years of doing ministry, I Dollarphotoclub 98957891 2have seen it become more and more prevalent. I have begun to notice that there is an intensity of attacks against our kids. About 17 years ago, I was Camp Director at Fort Lone Tree in Capitan, New Mexico. It was a camp for 8- to 12-year-olds. Every year, we seemed to be having a lot of problems with kids with emotional issues. One evening during our camp fire worship time, I taught them about spiritual warfare and taking thoughts captive to Christ. I asked the kids, “How many of you are having thoughts that you are worthless or have no value here on Earth?” More than half of them raised their hands. This past summer during one of our mission trips, I asked the same question. One hundred percent of the kids (preteens and students) raised their hands! How do we help kids break through the attacks on their minds and thought-lives?

Here are some suggestions I have used to train children about spiritual warfare and the battle for their minds:

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