Third Grade Missionary

Ethan is a 3rd grader (Nehemiah Kid) at our church. Since he was 4 years old, he has told his mom that he feels called to be a missionary to Mexico and California when he grows up. This year, Ethan Ethan and Bradleybegan talking to me about going on the L.I.T. Mission Trip in June. With a little hesitation, I agreed to let him attend the training and go on the mission trip if he could keep up with his Bible studies and memory verses and learn The Gift book. A few weeks ago, Ethan’s mom informed me that he had started something exciting at his school! (Ethan is on the left, and his brother Bradley is on the right in the picture.)

Ethan has a friend at school who is an outspoken atheist. He has been praying for his friend to come to the Lord for more than a year, and recently, he has been actively talking to this friend about Jesus. In addition to this friend, Ethan found out that there is another girl in his class at school who is not a believer, and Ethan felt burdened to share Christ with her. One Friday afternoon when his mom picked him up from school, Ethan began telling her about this girl. He asked his mom if he could bring his Bible to school so he could share Bible stories with the girl. His mom of course agreed, but his older sister challenged him: “Ethan, how are you going to do that?” He replied, “I’m going to start a God Club at recess. I’m going to start on Monday.”

When their family came to church on Sunday, Ethan’s mom told me about their conversation. That morning, I had a few rare moments of calm, so I went to my office, printed out a copy of The Gift book and The Journey book, and put them in a binder for Ethan. When church was over, I gave Ethan the binder and explained both of the books. Later that afternoon, I got a phone call from Ethan’s older brother, Bradley (5th grader). Bradley attended the L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) Mission Trip with our church last year and has continued to actively participate in L.I.T. since then. (Exciting side note: Bradley had the opportunity to lead Ethan to Christ through the L.I.T. program last year.) Bradley called me that afternoon to ask me if it was okay for him to help Ethan learn the lessons from The Gift! My response was Yes! Ethan and Bradley spent a good part of that Sunday afternoon learning how to share Jesus together. A 5th grader teaching a 3rd grader! 

Since Ethan started this God Club during recess at his school, his friend who was an outspoken atheist has professed his faith in Jesus and is now helping Ethan lead the club! It is so great to see how God is working in these children, in Ethan’s family, in our church, and in the world through children. 

—by Victoria Alaniz