Testimonies from Zimbabwe

“I received the training that was conducted by Pastor Jeffrey Mwanyenya here in Bulawayo. With his further encouragement, I have diligently applied the principles, and I want to thank God 42641651 1157404857733553 3438506763698044928 nwho is helping me more and more to have a better understanding of this concept and better apply this concept to the children in my ministry. I am so glad that the traditional way of ministry has been improved in such a significant way, which equips the children to do the ministry as the teachers teach, facilitate, and equip them. I have discovered that this approach demands consistency, creativity, and a paradigm shift.” Pastor Doris, Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulawayo

“When we were receiving the training, I was really wondering on the practicality of this training. I was asking myself how I was supposed to teach the children in my own church using this approach. But I also want to thank Pastor Jeffrey who kept encouraging me and giving me further encouragement to apply the teachings in the context of our setting. I have realized that the L.I.T. approach is very practical and cuts across denominations and culture. It’s highly applicable and timeless.” Rejoice, Bulawayo Celebration Church, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

“I want to thank L.I.T. for this kind of training that is unique and powerful. I really want to encourage you, the leaders of L.I.T., that this kind of training must be given to many other people who are involved in children’s ministry across Africa. If we are ever going to invest in the future church, we need to use this kind of approach because of its transformative nature. I am of the opinion that you establish a running office for L.I.T. here in Zimbabwe that we can connect and interact with. This is a big program that needs to be rolled to the churches line upon line. Most churches do not have good running children’s ministry systems and later on well-trained Sunday school teachers. I am advocating for a vigorous training movement that will capacitate a lot of Sunday school teachers in various churches to be able to effectively train the children, to avoid baby-sitting but give effective ministry to the children.” Shamiso, Sunday School Superintendent, Apostolic Faith Church

“The L.I.T. training has given me and my church a powerful approach to the way of doing children’s ministry. From the time we received this training which was facilitated by Jeffrey, we have slowly begun to apply this approach. We are so glad to report that we now have children who are able to teach, lead, and preach. We are empowering them more and more, and it is working out well for us. We can’t think of any other way to raise children better than the L.I.T. approach.” Loveness Muyambo, Baptist Church, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe