February/March Newsletter: When Children Pray, Whole Families Are Changed

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Alexus and Valeria are two children who came to know Christ through Vine and Branches  Ministries in Piedras Negras, Mexico. After coming to know the Lord, Valeria became very burdened for her parents and would pray intently for them to come to know Christ and go to church as a family. On the first day of starting L.I.T., Valeria was helping greet at the door. When her father and mother arrived, it was their daughter who welcomed them and shook their hands. Her father had been especially busy with work and other projects; however, when he saw his little girl greeting him, he became convicted that he had not been living the life he should be living or being an example to his family. Shortly afterwards. he and his wife gave their lives to Christ. Because of the prayers of a child, the whole family knows Christ today.

Do You Sometimes Wonder if L.I.T. Is Having an Impact?

Last month, I did a training at Farley Street Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas. As I was talking with one of the leaders, she shared that one of the fifth-grade boys in her Disciple Group told her that he started a Bible study at his school. It is amazing that no one told him to do it—he did it on his own! The teacher explained further that he led a little boy who attended his Bible study to Christ. I believe everyone who works with children gets that sudden shock or surprise when kids do the unexpected. For children who are in Nehemiah Kids and L.I.T., they are challenged to walk with the Lord and equipped to minister. The surprise comes when they go out and do it.

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Last week, we hosted a training event in Cedar Hill, Texas. It was exciting to take this group on a journey, introducing them to a new paradigm for ministry. Leaders from the Global Children’s Network and Piedras Negras, Mexico, attended the training as well as multiple church staff members and church workers from Texas and Oklahoma. As he was leaving, one leader shared, “I feel so inspired and refreshed from the vision that was shared.” Our prayer is that leaders will grasp the vision of how to disciple children and equip them to use their spiritual gifts in ministry.

Training in Africa

27395114 1987247791539643 501571305 nWe are excited to see that churches are catching the vision internationally. Jaco and Johanessa Viljoen led a training event at Gauteng Pretoria and had leaders from four churches at the event. Jeffery Mwamwa from Zimbabwe shared, “The two-day training revolutionized our perception and understanding of children’s ministry. We learned new concepts. We were also enthused and revived in our ministry. We have since begun applying some of the concepts.” We are so grateful for Jaco and Johanessa. They have done an amazing job mobilizing churches in their part of the world. We are so blessed to have them on our team to cast the vision and to stand by those in their area to mentor and encourage them on the journey.   

What Is the Lord Up To? by Clint May

All I can say is…Wow! Who would have ever thought that what started in the summer of 2002 would be where it is today?! This is the Lord’s vision and ministry, not mine. I shared a whileClint May back that last summer I found myself deciding that it was okay if we didn’t grow if that was the Lord’s will. I must admit that it is freeing for me in ministry to know that I am serving Him, not Him serving me. I find it a joy waiting to see what the Lord does next. I just have to say it again…Wow! Since last summer, the Lord has opened doors with the Global Children’s Network (GCN), and they are considering using the L.I.T. Prayer Journal in India and China. I am also working with leaders in Mexico, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Barbados. The Lord has opened doors for me to mentor and train leaders internationally, which I am growing to love so much. Through the internet, I am able to meet with them monthly for training and encouragement. These brothers and sisters in Christ are amazing people and have a deep passion for children. It has become a newfound joy for me to invest in their lives and ministries from across the globe. 

This Month’s Prayer Needs


  • For God’s amazing open doors of ministry in the states and internationally
  • For the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For the many leaders who have been trained in the states and internationally

Prayer requests:

  • For open doors of opportunity in the U.S.
  • That the number of churches we are working with in the U.S. would grow
  • For our three L.I.T. Mission Trips to fill up in all three states
  • For our partnership with GCN and for the Lord to guide our steps
  • For God’s grace and good health for Vicki and me
  • For the leaders who attended the training in Africa and Cedar Hill, Texas, that they would seek the Lord for vision for their church or ministry