May Newsletter 2018

“The L.I.T. Mission Trip was life-changing for me.”DSC 5461

“I went on the L.I.T. Mission Trip in 2017 at Cedar Hill with Crossroads Church, and I just wanted to say thank you. I can't go on the next one, but the last one was life-changing. It's something I'll never forget. Learning about how kids in other countries were praying for us was...amazing! I remember when there were papers with the names of other countries that we would put our hands on and pray for...another guy actually prayed for me, and I prayed for him, which is kind of unheard of (haha). On one day, there were birds at Wilson Crossing, our site, and they were just cawing on and on and on...I prayed—rebuked Satan—told him he had no right to interrupt our Bible study, and they stopped. I am never going to forget that, and just the mission trip in general. Thank you.” (Kassidy (5th grade), Crossroads Church)

 Friday Afternoon Prayer Walk with L.I.T.s in Piedras Negras, Mexico


“After serving the children in our Vine Library Reading Club, these guys took to the streets, knocked on doors, introduced themselves, invited people to The Vine Library and church, took turns sharing a Bible verse or testimony, writing down prayer requests, and praying over children, youth, and adults. They met during our time of ministry training for Leaders In Training. Praise God for how they are learning the importance of a daily time in God's Word and are more confidently sharing their faith!” (Vine and Branches Ministries, Piedras Negras, Mexico)



What’s Happening Internationally

Through our partnership with Global Children’s Network, our leadership training handbook is now being used in multiple nations. We have released the L.I.T. Handbook and Student Devotional to be used in Ecuador. They also used the leader development portion of the guide to train leaders in Tanzania. Currently, we are releasing the materials to be used in third-world countries for free.

Clint is currently working with mentoring and training leaders from Zambia and Zimbabwe and considering testing the training and discipleship resources there.

My Greatest Joy! by Clint May

One of my all-time favorite things to do is train preteens for the mission trip. Vicki and I are currently working with children at our church in Willow Park, Texas. Last night when the kids were practicing teaching the lessons, I watched Clint Maythe lightbulb go on in their countenance. I could see the excitement on their faces as they taught the mission trip lessons. Some of the preteens amazed me with their gifts of teaching. They could articulate the stories so well and bring such expression and passion to them. As the weeks have passed, I have witnessed the Lord lighting a fire in their hearts with a love to share and find their purpose in Christ’s church. I will never grow tired of this! My greatest prayer for the church today is that the Lord would open the eyes of the body of Christ to the full potential of children in their midst. I truly believe with all my heart that God is raising up a generation in our children to glorify His name. If you want to see Christ’s glory, train and release children for ministry in your church. When you do, you will see His Holy Spirit work and manifest Himself in powerful ways in and through their lives. Children have taught me so much in the last 15 years that I will be forever grateful for my younger brothers and sisters in Christ. They have blessed me as I have watched them grow up in the church and in their faith. Several of them now lead our mission trips with confidence and respect from other adult leaders.

I want to personally invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us. God is opening new doors for L.I.T. that I never expected, and I am so honored to be a part of it. Would you pray about joining us in supporting the ministry on a monthly basis? We would like to raise an additional $4,000 per month in monthly support. This will allow us to expand the ministry in needed ways by hiring additional staff. Become a ministry partner today click here

This Month’s Prayer Needs


  • For what the Lord is doing internationally through this ministry
  • For the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For the testimonies we’ve been hearing from multiple churches in the United States and internationally

Prayer requests:

  • For L.I.T. to raise an additional $4000 per month support
  • For the leadership of the Holy Spirit as we prepare for our two mission trips
  • For our partnership with Global Children’s Network
  • For vision from the Holy Spirit to expand the ministry and impact thousands of children in the United States and internationally