L.I.T. Ministries June Newsletter

“My Journey with L.I.T.”

By Richard Cervantes

My journey with L.I.T. began nine years ago when I was in third grade. I was first introduced to the Gospel at an after school Richardclub called “Good News Club.” A sixth grade L.I.T. named Carilyn led ME to Christ one afternoon after a Gospel presentation and presented me with my very own Bible. I was so excited and wanted to know more about who Jesus was and what the “Christian” thing was all about. Inside the Bible was a sticker inviting my family to church, so me being an intrigued and curious third grader, I begged my parents to take me to church. From there, we began attending church on a regular basis and becoming involved in weeknight activities. One of those activities was the L.I.T. program. I went through the program and even went on my first mission trip! I learned so much about God and what a relationship with Him looked like. I also grew a heart for service. My L.I.T. group was always volunteering in and outside the church. My church also had Tech as a ministry team where we learned how to run a sound and light board. This gave me so many opportunities to serve in church and in ministry.

It was the service opportunities and teaching about spiritual gifts that prepared me for a life of service. When I moved on to middle school, I wanted to come back and serve in children’s ministry. I began teaching in ministry groups and leading a group of Nehemiah Kids. I went on the L.I.T. Mission Trips and began to serve with the CSALT and helped run worship services. From there I began taking pictures and running the technology side of the mission trip. Now, nine years later entering my senior year of high school, I am the L.I.T. Assistant Missions Director. Without the guidance of faithful leaders who invested time and effort into making sure we had fun and learned on Wednesday nights, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am so excited for this summer’s mission trips and being able to invest in the youth on the trips through the CSALT and Support Staff programs. This summer is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through our students and leadership. See you all soon!

International Report


  • Tanzania and Beyond

By Paul Mamba, Project Manager Africa, Global Children’s Network

It is always a privilege to serve alongside gifted men of God like you do. We give God glory for all we are experiencing with this ministry. The training in Tanzania was tremendous since the results exceeded our expectations. We expected to have a one-day event with 120 pastors from different denominations, but 145 pastors were registered. We expected to have a three-day event with 120 leaders and volunteers; however, 162 were registered the first day, and 172 were registered the third day. We used the L.I.T. leadership training manual translated in Kiswahili, and it was useful.

We are now doing the second printing as we prepare another event in Bujumbura, Burundi in July 2018. The Global Children's Network in Africa is focused on reaching four countries, including Tanzania East Africa, Burundi East Africa, Kenya Nairobi, and Ethiopia. We aim to reach at least 3,000 kids in Tanzania and 12,000 in the four countries we are targeting for this first fiscal year (2018). We are so glad and thank you for being kind to us and giving us the fairness to use your material.

  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

By Pastor Jeffrey Mwanyenya, Executive Director, Agape Children's Ministry

I am excited that God has opened for me a door to train people in my country here in Zimbabwe through the L.I.T. training. jeffreyThis is coming following the same intensive training I received in South Africa and the online training that I received directly from you Doctor (Clint) during our routine meetings. I am anticipating around 25 Sunday school teachers to attend this training. Some of the topics we will cover in this training are: The Twelve Biblical Principles for Children’s Ministry, Teaching Children Spiritual Disciplines, Teaching Children How to Share the Gospel, How to Train Parents to Disciple their Children, and Ministry, Missions, and Discipleship. To this end, Juliet and I kindly ask for your prayers as we prepare for this kingdom assignment.

Working Smarter Not Harder!

by Dr. Clint May

One of the statements my dad would say to me as a child was, “Work smarter not harder.” That statement has stuck in my mind all my life. This has become true to me in ministry. For the past three years, we have trained multiple churches in the Clint MayUnited States and now more internationally. The challenge was time. Last year during our training conferences in Fort Worth and Cedar Hill, we videotaped our training events. The original intent was to offer it online for a minimal cost. As the Lord continues to guide us in the ministry, it has become clear to me to offer our training and leadership handbook at NO COST to any church or organization that would like to go through it. I realized that what we have is a gift from the Lord. After offering the online training for free, we have had 72 leaders sign up since June 1. Whether they choose to do L.I.T. or Nehemiah Kids, the training will give them the tools to have a tremendous impact on the children and students in their churches. I have also found that churches that train have a greater impact on the lives of the children in the church when they start N.K. and L.I.T.

If you would like to sign up for our free training and leadership handbook, click here.

I praise the Lord for allowing us to go on this joyful adventure with Him. I am truly amazed at His mighty handiwork. As He has taught me that this is His ministry, it has been freeing for me to wait on Him in His perfect timing and direction. I pray that you do the same. Everything you have is a gift from the Lord. Give it to Him and sit back and watch as He uses it for His glory.

Thank you to many of you for your prayers and financial support. We could not do ministry without you. If you would like to become a Ministry Partner, click here.

This Month’s Prayer NeedsDSC 5466


  • For the international impact that the L.I.T. leadership training is having
  • For the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For the transformation we have seen in the lives of many children and their families


Prayer requests:

  • For the L.I.T. Mission Trip Leadership Team as we finalize the Sapulpa, Oklahoma, mission trip
  • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Sapulpa, Oklahoma mission trip; for the Lord to pour out His spirit on the city and the L.I.T.s as they share to Good News of Christ there
  • For L.I.T. to raise an additional $4000 per month support
  • For our partnership with Global Children’s Network
  • For vision from the Holy Spirit to expand the ministry and impact thousands of children in the United States and internationally