L.I.T. Ministries July Newsletter "Preteens Experience the Joy of Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ"

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Preteens Experience the Joy of Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel of ChristDSC 6292

The L.I.T. Mission Trip to Sapulpa, Oklahoma, was an amazing week. We saw the Lord move in many ways. Preteens from six states converged on Sapulpa, June 18-24, ready and prepared to share the Good News of Christ. As they went out into the community there, it became apparent that many of the children in one community did not have food in their homes. One of our leaders shared with the preteens and leaders the needs of these children. In three days, they raised $489. L.I.T. Ministries matched the fund, making it a total of $978 raised to help these needy children. The preteens led 45 children to Christ during the week. Three of the decisions were made by L.I.T.s who were on the trip. We are forever grateful to First Baptist Church, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, for hosting the event.

Short Report on the L.I.T. Training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by Pastor Jeffrey Mwanyenya

I wish to thank you very much, Dr. Clint, for investing your precious time, insights, and knowledge in me. Also, for the trust that you vested in me and the support you rendered as I was preparing and conducting this Bulawayo L.I.T.35403075 10155352547595759 7595718940798484480 n training. Indeed, there were mixed feelings and anticipation as I was coming close to this training. I thank God who has strengthened me and the Holy Spirit who helped me to stage this, my first training. I was thrilled by the infusion of my little experience and concepts won over the years with the L.I.T. approach. I learnt more as I was leading this training, and I also realized areas that I needed to make adjustments. The response to this training was phenomenal. We expected 40 participants, and we ended up with up to 65. This was a mixed bag of children’s ministry leaders and pastors. I have enjoyed the simplicity and yet very deep stuff in this training. The trainees were well attentive, and the level of participation was very high. Below are some of the sentiments from some of the participants. One leader shared: “The L.I.T. training was a big eye opener for me. After this training, I felt guilty and asked myself what I have been doing with children all the 20+ years that I have been working with the children’s church. The L.I.T. approach is the most Biblical approach that I have ever come across that will transition children to become a more useful force in the kingdom of God. Indeed, I have learnt that God is using children the same way He uses us as adults. The Ezekiel Principle must not be used only in children’s ministry, but it works the same well, even in discipling the adults. The aspect of the 20% over 80% can be well turned around, and the church can be more functioning. I am going to use it in my church, and I am going to share this with my many pastor friends. Thanks to Pastor Jeffrey for facilitating this training very well and very clearly.”

—Pastor Shepherd Chinyerere, Baptist Church Bulawayo


Leaders In Training students led their first Power Camp in Piedras Negras, Mexico. As the Holy Spirit equipped and led them, they led all aspects of the Power Camps. From the Set Up, Prayer Time, Bible Class, Crafts, Testimonies, Games, Refreshments, and Clean Up, God be praised—these L.I.T.s did everything as unto the Lord! They served 41 children, counseling 10 of them who wanted either prayer or to know more about Jesus and 6 of them who, after studying God’s Word with the L.I.T. Student Counselors, asked to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! Praise God!

Vine and Branches Ministry’s vision of reaching our community for Christ, discipling believers, and releasing them for the Great Commission is effectively happening through our partnership locally with Dúnamis Church and furthermore now through the L.I.T. discipleship and ministry training vision.

Fast and Furious Growth Internationally by Clint May

Clint May

As we move through the summer, it is apparent that the Lord is in control. In our partnerships with international ministries, the Lord has opened so many new doors for ministry that it is difficult to keep up with. From what we can report now, I am aware that there have been more than 400 leaders trained in locations including Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and South Africa. We are preparing to lead a training in Zambia in August. They are anticipating approximately 75 church leaders in the first training. If it goes well, they will be leading an additional training about two weeks later. Please keep us in your prayers as we head into our second mission trip of the summer. Please also remember Vicki (my wife) and her family in your prayers as Vicki’s mother passed away suddenly last week.

This Month’s Prayer Needs


  • For what the Lord is doing internationally through this ministry
  • For the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For churches internationally that are catching the vision of discipling and releasing children in ministry

Prayer requests:

  • For the presence and power of the Holy Spirit during the Willow Park Mission Trip, July 23-27
  • For travel safety for those traveling to Willow Park, Texas
  • For Jeffrey Mwanyenya as he prepares for the training in Zambia
  • For wisdom to support our international partners
  • For Vicki’s father as he makes adjustments in the absence of his wife