L.I.T. Ministries Newsletter August 2018 “Children are the now generation…”

L.I.T. I-Go Summer Mission Trip Report: “Children are the now generation…”Isaiah Master

We had an amazing summer on the L.I.T. I-Go Mission Trips. L.I.T.s from 16 churches led a total of 76 children to Christ this summer. Mitch Freeman shared from FBC Sapulpa that the childrenthey are following up with who are using the Journey book understood the decision they had made. At the end of the trip, we asked leaders how they saw God working in the L.I.T.s and what the Lord taught them about children ministering in the church today. Here are a few of their testimonies:


  • “I began to see their role as we started L.I.T. at our church last year. I have always heard, ‘Children are the future church,’ but now I believe that the future is now, as children can and should be used in ministry.” —Chris Stanley
  • “I saw the realization of how much they (L.I.T.s) needed to rely on the Holy Spirit. They went out of their comfort zones and allowed the leaders to push them further than before. I also saw their confidence in their salvation grow as our group focused on Philippians 1:6. Children are the now generation—not our future leaders—but leaders now when they truly allow God to lead them.” —Susan Johnson
  • “I saw the Holy Spirit take control of a fourth grader’s speech as she witnessed without pause or stutter…a real change from her normal speech. As the L.I.T.s told the Bible stories through word and skits, I saw fidgety children settle and become captivated by God’s Word.” —Dave Johnson
  • “I’ve been watching our kids serve in our church for several years, but it was fun to watch them take it out to the public. They are bolder than most adults I have seen.” —Sara Riley
  • “Lives have been changed as a result of the work that is being done through this mission trip. We need to invest in our children. They can do things that many adults are unable to bring themselves to do.” —Randy Robinson
  • “This program is the start of transforming the church from an immature group of consumers to a servant-minded group of growing and thriving and multiplying believers.” —Jim Tilley

Our Free Online Training Is Having an International ImpactGhana

This past March, L.I.T. released our online leadership training course for free. Since we launched the training, we have had 169 leaders sign up from both the United States and internationally.Some leaders have taken the course and it has completely changed their perspective on children and student ministry. Kenneth Akomea from Ghana went through the training and is now training both leaders and children in Ghana. Here is his report from a training he led in Sunyani: “Thank God for your materials which really helped me to train teachers to control and teach over 900 children at the Just Vacation Children Camp in Sunyani. The children were trained to counsel using the ABC method. It was a great event. Continue to pray for me while supporting other camp meetings this month. God bless you for your support and guidance.” Sign up today for our free online training. 


Blessed So Much by our Young Leaders by Clint May

My greatest joy in the past 15 years has been to see the Lord raise up young leaders in our midst. While I was at Wedgwood Church, I encouraged leaders to stretch the children and preteens in the discipleship groups. From those Clint Maydays, I have seen the fruit of many laborers in the kingdom. The reality is, it takes many people in the body of Christ to disciple and equip our kids for ministry. This summer, Hannah Long (20) and Richard Cervantes (17) took on the role of Assistant Directors over the I-Go Mission Trips in Oklahoma and Texas. I have watched them throughout the past 10 years or more grow into godly young leaders. It has been a joy watching them mature in their faith. I love hearing their ideas and seeing them put them into practice. The reality is that the mission trip is their ministry…our ministry…His ministry. Richard took the Csalt leader program on the mission trip to a new level by writing a three-week Bible study and meeting regularly with the teens on the mission trip.

The Lord continues to open many doors for ministry in the U.S. and internationally. Jeffrey Mwamwa from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, will be traveling to Zambia on September 28-29, to lead a training there. Please pray about helping us pay for his travel expenses to Zambia. The cost will be $1,200. It looks like they are expecting 80 leaders at the training event. If you would like to financially support our efforts in Zambia, you can donate by clicking here.

I pray that the Lord will bless you. May His grace abound on you and yours.

Dr. Clint May, President, L.I.T. Ministries


This Month’s Prayer Needs


  • For what the Lord is doing in Ghana through pastor KennethFor the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For international churches that are catching the vision of discipling and releasing children in ministry
  • For our new L.I.T. churches in ten states (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia)
  • For the continued exposure the ministry is having internationally
  • For Willow Park Baptist Church, who hosted the L.I.T. I-Go mission trip in July this summer

Prayer requests:

  • For the many new churches starting L.I.T. and Nehemiah Kids this fall
  • For the travel expenses for Jeffrey to travel and train leaders in Zambia
  • For open doors for next year’s L.I.T. Mission Trips
  • For Clint, for wisdom as he works on writing a book this fall