L.I.T. Ministries November 2018 Newsletter

L.I.T. in Peidras Negras, Mexico, Shares the Gospel and 30 Children Are Saved

Leaders In Training is equipping the next generation to be a part of The Great Commission in Piedras Negras, Mexico. This young man, 14-year-old Cesar Santos, recently led 30 children to Christ. To have 46239290 321292022023560 4987188141463961600 naccomplished this, you may look at this picture and be led to believe he is a confident, experienced, dynamic speaker. He may well be on his way in that direction, but he is a young man who absolutely prefers to serve quietly in the background and not with his voice in front of others.

This was Cesar’s very first time ever teaching a Bible lesson. Now in his second year of L.I.T., Cesar is a Leaders In Training students from our Vine Library Outreach Program. We first met Cesar at 8 years old. He began attending the afternoon Reading Club with his younger sister. He quickly became a very accomplished reader, excelling in any of our library challenges.

He began to miss days. We discovered his father was at times an abusive alcoholic and that his mom was working extra to support the family through these trying times. God allowed us to begin to minister to his family. Cesar, his sister, and his mom began to attend church with us regularly.


Our ministry vision is to “Reach, Disciple, and Release Children and their Families for Christ to Fulfill The Great Commission Alongside the Local Church.” Through our library outreach, we were “Reaching” children for Christ and then introducing them to the local church. But last fall when we began L.I.T. Friday’s at the library, we took a very purposeful step in the direction of intentional, personal discipleship and ministry training. Cesar had been an L.I.T. student for 9 months, always using his gift of service, lending his hands and heart to any of our outreach “Power Camps.”

When Cesar stepped out of the comfort of his boat and decided to keep his eyes on Jesus, his faith produced a perfect opportunity for the Holy Spirit to be poured forth. More than 30 lives were changed when he said, “Yes, Lord” and stepped into the unknown. Leaders In Training is an integral part of the vision God has given us to “Reach, Disciple, and Release” believers alongside the local church. Cesar has been reached with the Gospel and is being discipled and now released through the vision of Leaders In Training. Please pray for the great plans God surely has for Cesar and for the L.I.T.s in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

Counting our Blessings One-by-One

The Lord has done some amazing things this year. L.I.T. doubled the number of churches we currently have in the United States and now internationally from 35 to 70. We Clint Mayhave L.I.T. churches in 18 U.S. states, one in Piedras Negras, Mexico, and seven in South Africa. This does not include the hundreds of church leaders who have trained through our online training or have attended our training events and then implemented the L.I.T. discipleship and equipping process created by L.I.T.

As of this year, L.I.T. has sponsored a total of 25 mission trips in six states with more than 2,790 preteens and leaders in attendance. Preteens have led at least 1,150 people to Christ. We have had 38+ churches that have participated in the mission trips since 2006. Many have returned each year to minister together on the L.I.T. mission trips. Several churches have gone out on mission on their own and had great success. Their numbers are not included in the count above.

The Lord has opened many doors internationally through our online training as well as our partnership with Global Children’s Network. It is estimated that we will have reached and impacted approximately 14,000 children and leaders globally by the end of the year. Through our sponsored and online training, we have trained leaders in South Africa, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Zambia, India, Ghana, and many other countries. We have had more than 200 leaders who have signed up for our online training course from the L.I.T. website (

The Lord has truly opened doors for us to impact many children around the world. Our leadership materials have been translated into Swahili, Afrikaans, and Spanish. We hope to translate the materials into Kaonde and Bemba for use in Zambia. The L.I.T. Year One Fall Devotional book has been translated into Spanish and Afrikaans at this time.

As you read this, I am totally amazed at what the Lord is doing through L.I.T. We are counting our blessings one-by-one and at the same time are amazed at what the Lord has done.

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Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the Lord’s continued provision for L.I.T. We are trying to raise $60,000 in order to fullfil our goals for 2019. We are in great need of staff as well as resources to Prayersupport the growing needs internationally.
  2. Pray for the Lord’s leadership for the 2019 mission trips as well as open doors for ministry there.
  3. Pray for the completion of our resource updates and provision to fund the project. We currenly have 36 devotionals and leader guides.