There Is Nothing Kids Can’t Do for God! December 2018 Newsletter

There Is Nothing Kids Can’t Do for God!Boy by sign

In this newsletter, I want to highlight some of the amazing stories of children being used by God through prayer and ministry. We have truly been blessed knowing the impact L.I.T. is having in the United States and internationally. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. 

Dr. Clint May, President, L.I.T. Ministries


Fifth-Grade Missionary Takes The Gospel to a Park Near His Home

IMG 4304 2

Brett attended the L.I.T. Mission Trip this past summer in Willow Park, Texas, where he was released along with 100+ preteens to share the Gospel. After returning home, he talked with his children’s pastor about wanting to do the same near his home. With her assistance, they set up the Bible study. They handed out flyers, and there were six children who attended throughout the week. On one of the days, Brett led one of the boys to Christ. (The picture shows Brett teaching during the Bible study.)


The First Time I Saw a Preteen Lead Someone to Christ

Kathern HolmesIn the summer of 2002, we started L.I.T. at Wedgwood Baptist Church. This was the first summer that I trained preteens how to share their faith. About mid-summer, we went to a local apartment complex called Woodway on the Green. I taught while all of our preteen L.I.T.s led the songs and ministered to the children attending. On the third day, I gave an invitation and three children came forward. I allowed three of our sixth graders to sit down and counsel them. What caught me off guard was that they actually led all three to Christ. I knew it was genuine because I talked with each of the children they counseled, and they knew exactly what they had done. (The picture is of sixth grader Katherine Holmes leading the girl to Christ.)

Fifth-Grade Preteen L.I.T. Starts Bible Study at His SchoolIMG 7272

Last fall, I was contacted by Sandi St. Claire from Farley Street Church in Waxahachie, Texas. She shared with excitement that one of her fifth-grade L.I.T. boys (John) took the initiative and started an after-school Bible study. The amazing thing is that no one told him to do it; he just set it all up himself. He had a burden for the lost, and through his Bible study, he had the opportunity to lead one of the children there to Christ.


MarkSomething Like Fire Going Through Me!

On our first out-of-town mission trip in 2004, I felt led of the Lord to fully release our preteens to do everything on our trip to Corpus Christi, Texas. They led the songs, taught the Bible study, taught the craft, and counseled lost children. The evening after the first day, Mark Belding (fifth grader) came to me that evening and shared, “Brother Clint, while I was teaching today, there was something like fire going through me. I don’t know what it was.” I knew exactly what it was. It was the Holy Spirit! That was the first time I ever heard a child tell me that they had this kind of experience. When Mark taught that day, seven people accepted Christ as their Savior—three were teenagers. (The picture is of Mark teaching.)

 Led to Christ by a Sixth Grader

Carilyn and Richard

Richard attended South Hills Elementary. In the fall of his third-grade year, he attended an after-school Bible study at the school (Good News Club). On the first day of the club, the Gospel message was shared, and he walked to the front. Richard sat down with Carilyn (sixth grader), and she led him to Christ. Shortly afterwards, he began to attend L.I.T. at his church. He is now eighteen years old and is being used in powerful ways by the Lord. Kids can lead kids to Christ! (This is a recent picture of Richard and Carilyn.)

The Power of Prayer in the Hands of Children

DSC 0018Years ago, we planned a mission trip to Norman, Oklahoma. One of the children that attended with our group was lost and a discipline problem. I made it a policy not to allow children who were trouble makers to go on our trips. However, that year the Lord would not let me say no. About the third day of the trip, it was reported to me that this fifth-grade boy had told one of our leaders that he didn’t want anything to do with knowing Christ. It really broke the leader’s heart. That evening following our evening worship time, I asked the preteens on the trip to pray for this boy. They prayed intently for almost an hour. I sensed a peace and ended the prayer time. I felt in my heart that this boy was going to be saved and that God had answered their prayers. Two hours later, this boy knelt in the stairwell of the church and gave his heart to Christ. The next day, it scared the kids because this boy’s countenance completely changed before their eyes. That day at the mission trip site, this young man shared his testimony with a smile on his face.

 A Journey of Prayer Through the 10/40 WindowCade

For the past two years now on the L.I.T. Mission Trips, we have held a time to pray for the nations of the 10/40 Window. What amazes me when children see some of the stats for the countries in this region of the world, they weep and cry out to God for them. Last summer, one of the leaders on the Willow Park, Texas, mission trip came to me during the prayer time and asked me, “What did you do?” I asked, “What do you mean?” She said, “The girls in my group saw that Afghanistan has 34 million people, 99.8% Islam and .1% Christian. They broke down crying for Afghanistan. They said we have to do something to reach these people.” A little later, I looked over and saw one of our children’s pastor comforting his little brother who was also brokenhearted. He said, “I did not realize that there are so many people in the world who have never heard about Jesus.” When is the last time you wept for the lost around you, or even around the world?

reaching your goal 2010 7383Help Us Meet Our Goal for 2018

This year (2018), we set a goal to raise $60,000. So far, we have raised $15,000. As the Lord expands the reach of L.I.T., we are now impacting thousands of children and leaders in the U.S. and internationally. By the end of 2019, we will have more than 90 publications. Projects planned for next year include the translation of all L.I.T. books into Spanish and Afrikaans. As the ministry grows, we are looking at bringing on additional staff to support the ministry’s growing needs. Please prayerfully consider helping us reach our goal by the end of 2018. We request that you prayerfully consider joining us on this journey called L.I.T. Your financial partnership is vital for us to meet our financial goals for 2019. You can make end-of-year gifts through December 31. Together, we can make a lasting impact on children around the world. Donate Today!Donate Today!

Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord for His continued provision.
  • Pray for the Lord’s provision for us to meet our goal of $60,000 by the end of the year.
  • Pray for the Lord to open doors of opportunity for L.I.T. in 2019.
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