L.I.T. July Newsletter: We Had an Amazing Preteen Mission Trip Last Week in Waxahachie, Texas!

Waxahachie Group Shot

Last week was an amazing week for our 29th L.I.T. Mission Trip in Waxahachie, Texas. Nine churches came together to work as one. Doors were opened at the Salvation Army and the Children’s Home for us to minister. This past week, more than 70 preteens went into the community to minister. They arrived a little fearful, but their confidence level excelled throughout the week. These shy introverted preteens became fearless for the Gospel as they experienced the Holy Spirit’s presence speaking in and through them. These young missionaries led 50 children to Christ! What I love the most is that they get it. Our discipleship plan is working because many of them will take it home with them and reach their neighbors and friends as well. We celebrate with the angels over these 50 whose names have been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. We also rejoice in taking part in discipling these preteen L.I.T.s and lighting a fire in their hearts for the Gospel.


Here are what leaders are saying:

“It is amazing how many different churches and people come together to glorify God.” Diana A.DSC 7973

“Children leading everything is refreshing to watch. To see kids’ faces when they saw the L.I.T.s was very touching.” Valerie S.

“The L.I.T.s and Csalts stepped way beyond their comfort zones to do all the ministry.” Valerie W.

“I saw Him work through the kids (L.I.T.s) teaching and reaching the second graders in my group.”

“Every kid that I saw taught with a passion that not everyone can easily obtain.” Charles S.

“This is my first mission trip. I didn’t know what to expect. I feel so blessed and privileged to be here and to see how God has mobilized all of the kids to spread the Gospel. Kids who were shy and had a lack of confidence before the trip, God has changed them into Gospel warriors for Him.” Sheri C.

“There were many ‘God moments’ during the mission trip, but I saw firsthand kids leading younger kids to Christ, which was incredible to see.”

“I am always amazed at how God works through the kids every year and watching them grow. They step up even though they are scared." Keith W.

“Watching the kids lead and take control was amazing!”

“I saw my students grow in confidence, in awareness of the presence and work of the Holy Spirit, and in assurance of their salvation.” Catherine N.

Amazed by the Gift of Teaching in a Preteen Girl

During the Wednesday evening service, Presley (6th grade) shared the Gospel message. Speaking for myself, Clint May, I was truly amazed by her gift and ability to teach so clearly and passionately. Her message is hands down the best I have ever heard or seen given by a preteen throughout the past 16 years. She came alive on the platform, and it is was very clear the Holy Spirit was working through her in a powerful way. You can view her message on the L.I.T. 

Showing Children a Bigger Picture of God’s Plan—The 10/40 Window

During the mission trips we are hosting, we have set aside an evening to pray for the nations of the 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window on a geographic map is 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. There are approximately 5.10 billion DSC 8218people who reside in this area of the world, and there are 8,674 distinct people groups living there. Sixty-one percent of the people groups living in this area are unreached. It is amazing to watch the kids on the mission trip catch the bigger picture of a lost world in great need of the Savior. Many times, children will weep over these countries. Many L.I.T.s have felt a calling to go there in the future.

Praises and Prayer Requests


  • For 50 professions of faith last week
  • For God’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For open doors internationally
  • For Vicki and Clint for a restful week


  • We need a 15-passenger van for our Catoosa, Oklahoma, mission trip. Please pray for the Lord’s provision of a van or for the funds ($1,500) to rent a van.
  • For God’s grace for Clint and Vicki for the mission trips—pray that we will be able to rest and have the strength needed for the remaining two trips this summer
  • For God’s wisdom concerning our international ministry opportunities
  • Please pray for the funds to pay for the two shower trailers the children and adults on the mission trips will be using this summer. The cost is an estimated $750.
  • For the Spirit of God to fall powerfully on the Catoosa Mission Trip next week. Pray that the lives of the L.I.T.s will be changed for the rest of their lives.