Empowering Children to Proclaim the Gospel-April Newsletter

In these unprecedented times, our only hope is in the Lord. However, for many around us, they don’t know that hope we have in Christ. We have an amazing opportunity Waxahachieto use social media or other electronic means to proclaim the Good News of Christ. I pray that you will encourage the children and preteens in your church to reach out to their lost friends through social media, FaceTime, or by a simple phone call. They are the most effective in reaching their friends with the Gospel. We know that they can do it. We have witnessed it on many occasions. God has used children to proclaim the Gospel in multiple settings. This summer, we planned our 30th mission trip. We have seen more than 3,000 preteens on mission trips since 2004, and they have led 1,000+ people to Christ.


JonathanAnd it doesn’t stop with the mission trips. So many of the churches we are working with have seen children take the initiative to reach their lost friends in their communities. Many have returned home from mission trip and started Bible studies in the homes and schools and have led a number of their friends to Christ. My goal as a children’s pastor, leader, and trainer is to help churches catch the vision.  While I was at Wedgwood Church, I had a father come to me and ask me to talk to his daughter. He said, “I need you to talk with Bethany; I’m afraid she is going to get kicked out of school. She is talking to every child she can on the playground about Christ and accepting Him as Savior.” You train children, and they are fearless!

pressely 2Pressley started serving in her church in Willow Park, Texas, four years ago. She developed her teaching gift by regularly teaching at her church. She has attended two mission trips with L.I.T. Two years ago, she started a Bible study at her school. At first, she had about 10 kids attending regularly. Before the school shut down recently, she had nearly 40 junior high students coming to her Bible study every week. Many of them she led to Christ. (Picture above shows Pressley teaching at her school).

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord Make His face shine upon you, A be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace” (Numbers 4:24-26)

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Spiritual Gifts Test

Years ago, we developed a spiritual gifts test for children and preteens. We are excited to say that this tools is now available in multiple languages and is being distributed and used internationally. From our website, we have released more than 2,000 copies of this wonderful tool. We have given organizations permission to download it from our website, translate it into other languages, and distribute it. It has been a joy witnessing the Church embracing the spiritual gifts of children and equipping and releasing them to use their gifts. Click here to get your copy. 

Free Online Training

With many of you being forced to stay home, this is a perfect time to train and prepare for the future. We would like to offer our online training course to you at no cost. Once you sign up, you will have access to our handbook as well as the online training video course. Click here

Prayer Needs:

  • For wisdom for the many churches we are working with to continue discipling children during these challenging times
  • For many churches to sign up for our online training course
  • For our work in Brazil—we are having our training handbook translated into Portuguese
  • For God’s provision for L.I.T. Ministries in the months to come

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