Jesus Came Alive for Me During My Journey Through L.I.T.-L.I.T. September Newsletter

Jesus Came Alive for Me During My Journey Through L.I.T.Sarah Owens cropped

“Jesus came alive for me during my journey through L.I.T. as a young girl. He was no longer a nice idea or a story, but a Father, a friend, and the safest place I have ever come to know. I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities I was given not only to experience God at work first hand but to engage in that work with Him at such a young age. I was offered lifelong guidance in pursuing wisdom and discernment through discipleship, empowered to stand up with boldness and confidence in the face of adversity, and inspired to live a life of endless adventure in pursuing that which is true, good, beautiful, and worthy of praise in this life! I could go on and on about how formative this program was and continues to be in my life as an adult. In short, it was foundational. Programs like this not only empower the next generation of the church, but it equips them with knowledge of what it means to faithfully follow Jesus to the end of their days.” —Sarah Langer, Communications Coordinator at 6 Stones Missions Network, Bedford, Texas 



L.I.T. Leadership Training Beginning in Brazil by Mark and Dana McCutchenMark and Dana McCutchen

We are excited about teaching the L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) training course in Brazil. We will be implementing this in the 11 projects throughout Brazil. We will begin with virtual Zoom meetings in the southern city of Iguaçu Falls and then another in Sinop, Brazil, in the middle of the country. We plan on having an online workshop at least once a week for several weeks. Eventually, as we get back to Brazil in person, we will be holding in-person five-day workshops. They will then begin equipping the children to be the leaders. I firmly believe this will, over time, transform the lives of the families in our works. So many have not grown up with any concept of the family unit, let alone a family unit going to church. This will be a challenge but will be a true blessing in the end. God bless you, guys.

Please keep Mark and Dana in your prayers as they serve the Lord as missionaries in Brazil. They have been serving there for 30 years. They attended our training earlier this year and plan to train leaders there. If you would like more information about their ministry, go to their website at

Online TrainingNew Online Training Course

This past month we recorded seven short training videos to offer to churches to equip their leaders online. The training is comprised of short videos covering essential topics for leaders who will be discipling and equipping children. We believe that a lack of training results in a lack of discipleship and effective ministry to and with children. Feel free to check it out by clicking this link.





Looking Forward to a Brighter Future by Dr. Clint MayClint Speaking

I am genuinely excited about the future of L.I.T. New doors of ministry opportunities are opening in the U.S. and internationally through our training. I have found that our most tremendous success has been the training of church leaders to embrace God's plan and purpose for children today. So many leaders do not understand the full potential of children in the church. Fortunately, we have filmed children in action, both leading and sharing the Gospel. We have multiple videos and pictures of children empowered by the Holy Spirit and speaking boldly in Jesus' name. I love seeing the leaders’ eyes opened! I can talk all day, but when an adult sees a child being used powerfully by God, they no longer have to listen to my words. They witness it. Click here to see children sharing the Gospel.

The joy for me is the spiritual fruit we see in the lives of students who have been through our discipleship model. They grow in their faith, just like Sarah mentioned above, and they discover God's plan and purpose for their lives through service.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for L.I.T. Ministries. We are forever grateful for you.

Dr. Clint May,

President, L.I.T. Ministries




  • For Mark and Dana McCutchen and their work in Brazil
  • For the Lord's continued provision
  • For our successful online training events

Prayer Needs

  • For struggling churches that have lost ground from the coronavirus shutdowns
  • For the many churches we are working with, that they might have God's richest blessings on them as they reach and disciple children
  • For our 2021 mission trip locations
  • For the thousands of children being reached, discipled, and trained through L.I.T. in the U.S. and internationally
  • For our online training to empower leaders to disciple and equip children for ministry and missions