"Oh my goodness, they can do it!" L.I.T. Newsletter July 2021

Fearless Mission Trip Report

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Another L.I.T. Mission Trip is in the books! This was my 30th mission trip, and I can’t wait until next year to expand our reach even further. We had 121 missionaries in attendance and more than 40 professions of faith during the trip. Here are a few testimonies from this summer’s trip:

“Oh my goodness, they can do it! After doing L.I.T. since October and then the nine-week training, we felt our kids were prepared. But seeing the whole program work—working together—it truly is a mighty work of205907491 10227503049020810 6644029998817023159 n the Holy Spirit. I will go home trusting the Lord more to let loose and watch.” —Lou Duncan

“I have enhanced my belief that children are capable of anything. God is limitless and can equip anyone to do anything if they accept God’s will.” —Janet Bergen

“I saw Him giving my girls compassion for others and opening their eyes to see lost people. I saw Him bring out their gifts.” —Emily Mullis

“They are powerful vessels. They have a position and place in ministry, and we as the church need to make room for them.” —DeAnn Noyes

“I saw the joy in the kids full of the Spirit. Even during ‘chores’ they were laughing and enjoying working for the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Tammie Thibodaux

“I saw boldness overcoming fear. I saw kids (L.I.T.s) convicted of sin and fully surrendering to the Lord, committing to change when they come home.” —Nancy Ruth Bailey

You can also find pictures and additional stories from our trip at

L.I.T.s RPicture2aise $1,224 for Zambia During the Mission Trip

During the L.I.T. mission trip, we took up a special offering to purchase books for children in Zambia. The fees to go on the mission trip cover the cost of printing of 1,000 L.I.T. devotional books for children in 52 churches in Zambia. The L.I.T.s and leaders donated $1,224. We raised an additional $251 from the L.I.T. Store during the trip for a total of $1,475 towards our $2,000 goal. Praise the Lord! If you would like to help us reach our $2,000 goal, click here.



Mobile Mission Network, Earl KrumsiekEarl

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two months, you’d find several kids on our front porch, learning about the Bible and Jesus. We launched a discipleship program called “Leaders In Training” (L.I.T. for short). We currently have 7-10 young people from the ages of 5-12 enrolled in our L.I.T.

Our goal is to create a missionary culture and train the next generation to become missionary servants sent to our neighborhood, our community, and our city to make disciples that make disciples. Now we are gearing up for our “summer program” which will be on Thursdays, 2pm-4pm and a “week of camp” this summer. —Earl Krumsiek, Mobile Mission Network, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

International Work

Zambia, August 18-22

Isaac Mphande will be traveling to Katima, Sesheke to lead training of more than 100 leaders there. We are excited about this new opportunity. We are projecting that this will have the potential of impacting at least190397144 794937944747984 8299295232631950837 n 1,000 children as we reach and disciple them there. If you would like to help cover the cost for this trip and training, we invite you to do so. The total cost will be $780.

Tanzania, August 16-17

Becky Willyard and Paul Mamba will be conducting a leadership training event in Bunda, Tanzania, August 16-17. Pray for the hearts of the leaders to be open to hearing God’s plan of action for children.

Joshua Nations Training, July 28-30

Clint May will be leading a training at the Joshua Nations headquarters in Denver, Colorado, July 28-30. Charlie Morgan, Mike Lehew, and Jamie Brown will also take part in the training. Joshua Nations is in 50 nations around the world. You can find out more about Joshua Nations at



  • For God's blessings on the L.I.T. Mission Trip in Atoka, Oklahoma
  • For more than 40 professions of faith
  • For the lives of preteens that have been changed because of the trip
  • For the $1,475 raised for devotional books for children in Zambia

Prayer Requests

  • For God's provision for the additional $525 needed to print the 1,000 devotionals for Zambia
  • For the Lord to raise child disciplers for FBC Atoka to follow up with after our mission trip there
  • For First Baptist Church Atoka as they follow up with the children who made professions of faith
  • For open doors for our 2022 mission trips. We are looking at doing three mission trips.