L.I.T. September '21 Newsletter: "We Have Never Heard Teaching Like This Before"

We Have Never Heard Teaching Like This Before

Santosh Bardhan

“The pastors are very glad to receive wonderful teaching from you. All of them said that this was ourIndia 1 first time to hear such teaching. Many agreed with you that we ignore the children in the ministry in our churches. Thank you for opening their eyes to see how valuable they are and how useful they can be. We can reach them with the Gospel, make disciples, and equip them to do the same in the churches.”

Thirty pastors took part in the training event. We are needing to print training materials for future training events. The cost is $5.00/handbook. We need to raise $1,000 to cover this cost.

We Are Excited About Changing Our Mindset: Children Are Part of the Body of Christ Today! Jeff CahillPicture3

“We are excited about changing our mindset from “kids are the future” to “they are part of the body of Christ.” We can make them useful to the body now. I didn't start growing as a believer until I started the spiritual disciplines themselves. I am excited about children learning these spiritual disciplines and how to walk with God.”

Jeff plans to involve children in his church now. This past Sunday, a young lady in his church who is in 3rd grade ran their sound system. (Jeff Cahill is pastor of Valley Community Church, Miles City, Montana)

Report From Tanzania Paul Mamba

L.I.T. Tanzania has trained more than 150 leaders in Tanzania. They anticipate working with about 6,000 children in their areas. We invite you to join our efforts in Tanzania. Currently, we need to raise an additional $2,500 to host and facilitate our next training there.

Trapped in a Paradigm Dr. Clint May

It has been a joy this past month to train pastors and leaders from around the world. It has been an incredible journey. Last month, I did training with 30 pastors in Odisha, India (via After finishing thePicture4 training, several of them stated, “We have never heard teaching like this.” Their eyes were opened to a new vision from God.

I see so many ministries reaching children with the Gospel through V.B.S., outreaches, and Bible clubs. Their model is very persistent around the world. They reach children with the Gospel, and they teach them about Jesus and living for him. However, these children are not allowed to be a part of the bigger picture. God has a plan for children—now.

At the point of new birth, they receive the whole package: the Holy Spirit, gifts from the Holy Spirit, and power from the Holy Spirit. It is sad that the standard model of discipleship in the church is having children just sit and listen while an adult leader ministers to them.

We must shift our approach to children with the idea that they are younger brothers and sisters in Christ, younger saints, and The Church today. We must start now developing their gifts and allowing them to minister today in the body of Christ. We need to move from being a teacher to being a discipler like Paul was to Timothy.

Wess Stafford shares, “Every major movement in world history has recognized the strategic importance of mobilizing children. The Nazis had their Hitler Youth bands. The Chinese Communists had their Red Guards. The Taliban in Afghanistan had their madrasah school to instill extremism in their young. The great omission seems to be unique to Christians.”

It's time we reach children AND mobilize children, young believers in Christ, to be The Church today. They will change the world. Thank you for joining us in the journey to raise up children who will reach their world with the Good News of Christ. We could not do it without your prayers and financial support.


Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries

152 L.I.T. Churches in ZambiaPicture5

God is on the move in Zambia. Through the leadership of Isaac Mphande, we have expanded our reach to multiple churches throughout Zambia. By the end of next weekend, 152 churches will be going through the discipleship and leadership development process of L.I.T. Currently, there are 1,580 children who are going through Leaders In Training. We need an additional $840 to print the last 420 devotional books. Isaac is in the process of training certified leaders who can train other churches.

Picture6ETNG Training Events

  • September 27-28, Springfield, Missouri
  • October 25-26, Denver, Colorado



  • For our new work in India and how God is opening new doors there
  • For the growth of L.I.T. in Zambia to 152 churches doing L.I.T.
  • For the Lord's faithful provision for L.I.T.

Prayer Requests

  • For God's continued provision for L.I.T.
  • For the funds to continue our work in Zambia, Tanzania, and India
  • For God’s guidance in securing our mission trip location for 2022 (Dates have been set. Now we need locations to host the trips.)
  • For open doors to train throughout the United States


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