The Lord Moved Powerfully in Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 2022 Newsletter

The Lord Moved in Tulsa, OK

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We had an amazing week in Tulsa June 19-24. Nick shared, “My eyes have been opened. This looks like the book of Acts.” The Lord moved in many ways. There were 29 professions of faith. Seeds were planted, and souls were harvested for God’s glory. One leader shared, “When we stepped back, the kids just took over. They were ready to take the lead when we got out of the way.” We had more than 170 students and leaders on the trip. They served in 13 different locations, including parks, mobile home parks, and apartment complexes. Some areas were very dark and in great need of the Gospel. We had churches from Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas on the trip. Here are just a few comments from leaders who were there:

“I have known that the Lord can use children on mission trips and share the Gospel, but to see it in action has been amazing.”

“Shy kids open up, gifts of teaching manifesting, compassion and empathy, hearing the Holy Spirit.” (Ashlee Garcia)

“I was amazed at their leadership and ability to tell them about Jesus and counsel with them and the kids brave and eager to share.” (Diane Ward)

“Eye opening that our kids step up when we allow ourselves to step down, and that peer-to-peer perspective is a shared youth language.” (Chris Goodwin)

“Our kids saw and experienced very different lives than they have. We can talk about it, but to see and experience what poverty, homelessness, and neglect look like was very humbling.”

The Lasting Impact of a Mission Trip Experience Sarah Gonzalez

Picture3.jpgThe first time I went on a mission trip with Leaders In Training, I was 7 years old. Even though I was the youngest child there, I quickly learned that age is not a prerequisite to serving God. That week, I saw God move firsthand in many powerful ways. Over the years, I attended seven L.I.T. mission trips; however, I still remember the first time I gave the Gospel presentation. I was nervous, tired, and did not feel prepared to teach in front of a crowd. Before I started, my leader prayed for me, and at that moment, the Holy Spirit took control. I don't remember what I said, but I remember feeling that God was using me to do His work and to glorify Him. I am grateful to Leaders In Training because it taught me to understand that I have a responsibility to share the precious gift of salvation and to do so. God is ready to use me as a vessel to glorify Him.”

Empowering The Next Generation Conference, Botswana, Africa Isaac Mphande

We thank God for reaching out to the children and leaders in Botswana. We led in games, discipleship lessons, and helped kids respond to the Gospel message. We had 32 kids profess Christ as Lord. We also reached out to 76 leaders with the ETNG conference training program. We were given an opportunity to distribute food and blankets to the elderly in the church as well. It was a joy to donate to the elderly in church, and lastly, we were taken for a game drive into Chobe National Park by the church leadership in Botswana. It is a joy that we have launched L.I.T. Ministries in Botswana, and thank you for the support to reach children and leaders in Africa.

Thirty-One Mission Trips and Looking Forward to the Next One Dr. Clint May

When I think about what the Lord has done through L.I.T., I am truly blessed by God’s faithfulness. When I took my first out-of-town mission trip in 2004, I witnessed firsthand Acts 1:8.Clint After 31 mission trips, I know for certain that it has a deep impact on the lives of students on these trips. Many like Sarah Gonzalez were impacted by their experience and have carried it through into their adult lives. God shows up when we are about His business of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It happens every time. He is present when we are walking in obedience to the Great Commission.

Thank you so much for partnering with us on our mission trip, reaching children with the Gospel of Christ, and discipling, equipping, and releasing them in ministry in the church and on mission in the world.

If you are not a Ministry Partner, we invite you to join us on this amazing journey. You have an opportunity to invest in the lives of thousands of children around the world.

Prayer Request


  • For the 29 children who accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord
  • For Eastwood Baptist Church and their open door to allow us to house at their facility
  • For Mike Lehew and Mobile Mission Network finding and securing locations for children to minister
  • For our successful training in Botswana, Africa
  • For God’s amazing provision for the ministry so far

Prayer Requests

  • For the churches we partnered with in Tulsa as they follow up with children who have made decisions
  • For funds to recover our budget from substantially increased food costs on our mission trip to Tulsa
  • For the resources we need to lead our next training in Kenya
  • For our next mission trip to Hudson Oaks, Texas, July 24-29