I Miss Being a Children's Pastor, February Newsletter

I Miss Being a Children's Pastor by Dr. Clint MayPicture3

You may think I am a little crazy, but I miss those days of being at church every week as a children’s pastor. I miss seeing the kids coming to church and being there to welcome them with loving arms. I call it my kid fix. Kids bring life to me. There are a lot of people just like me in churches everywhere.

God has wired us differently. We can be in a room with kids that are seemingly going nuts, but that's right where we want to be. For the uncalled, they look at us and shake their heads in bewilderment. They think we are crazy. Children's ministry is a definitely a calling!

I have been making a lot of calls these past few weeks—about 170 or more. I am connecting with children's pastors and ministers who I have never met and inviting them to our luncheons. I have the awesome privilege of sharing the L.I.T. vision for kids with them. We have had at least 45 pastors, children's ministers, and leaders who have joined us. Our hearts connect very quickly. They are very receptive to the vision, and I pray that they will change their perspective of children in the church.

In His Service,

Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries

L.I.T. Ministries Burkina Faso, Africa by Heidi HayslipPicture2

My husband Joel and I were missionaries in Burkina Faso, a country on the western side of Africa. We built up a team of about 200 children's pastors and evangelists who were passionate about leading outreaches and bringing the Good News to unreached tribes in the bush through children's ministry. Since 2003, they have reached more than one million children with the Gospel. 

Last year, God connected us with Dr. Clint May through the Empowering The Next Generation training. Since then, the Lord has been making it clear to me and our team in Burkina that God is shifting our total focus from only evangelizing children to reaching, discipling, and equipping in order to reach children there.

God has connected us with Isaac Mphande in Zambia. He is the L.I.T. Director of Operations in Africa. 

We will be traveling to Burkina Faso March 4-6, and Isaac will join us to train approximately 75 children’s pastors. On his return trip home, Isaac will have a layover in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He will be meeting with 15 leaders in Ivory Coast to introduce L.I.T. to these leaders. We covet your prayers! 

Returning to Kenya to Extend the Work There by Jaco and Johanessa Viljoen, Regional L.I.T. Directors in South Africa

Samuel (L.I.T. Ministry Connection) from Kenya reached out to us and asked us for our program to be in the schools. After a few video calls, we realized there is a bigger problem that thePicture4 children are facing. They are hungry and vulnerable. While we are there, we would like to visit some of the churches with Samuel who has implemented L.I.T.

We are collaborating with Outside the Bowl Africa. We're partnering with them to give the children we work with spiritual nourishment and physical nourishment. We have a missionary from Salt and Light who is working in a school in Kenya. 

Tom Mboya Primary School is located in Nairobi province, Embakasi division, Dandora. Most of the students that attend Tom Mboya Primary School live near the Dandora dumpsite, which affects them. The children are vulnerable and malnourished.

Salt and Light will be responsible for bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 4,000 children who attend the school, and we will partner with OTB to give the children food. If you would like to support Jaco and Johanessa and their trip to Kenya, you can do so directly through their website

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  • For our confirmed mission trip location in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  • For this year's registration for the L.I.T. Mission Trips. We have at least 270 people registered so far.
  • For Isaac Mphande and his continued work in Africa

Prayer Requests

  • We need a confirmed mission trip site for our Texas mission trip. Two of our possible churches were not able to accommodate us this year.
  • Pray for our Colorado Mission Trip planning. We need to secure a location there to house our group.
  • Pray for Isaac Mphande and Heidi Hayslip, who will lead training in Burkina Faso from March 4-6. On his return trip home, he will be leading a training for pastors during a layover in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on March 7.
  • Pray for upcoming ministers' luncheons, for openness to start L.I.T. in their churches.
  • Pray for our Missions-Evangelism Conference on March 6-7, in Weatherford, Texas.