First Things First -March Newsletter

L.I.T. Empowering The Next Generation Conference, Burkina Faso by Heidi HayslipHeidi Hayslip

We cannot tell you how providential this training was. God connected us with this new system of discipleship for kids and with Pastor Isaac from Zambia. It was all God. And we saw that this was just the thing to take our children's pastors to the next level. God loves the children of Burkina so much that He is setting them up to be activated in their faith, and used by the Holy Spirit to be disciples that make disciples!

This 3-Day training was SO POWERFUL and well received. People said it was a total paradigm shift. They cannot wait to put it into practice. 

God's presence was with us those 3 days, and the teaching was so anointed and rich. We praise God for it. People have been thanking me (Heidi) and the speaker again and again every day since the conference. Thank you for making this happen! Clear here to hear Pastor Isaac’s prayer of blessing.

First Things First by Dr. Clint MayKatie p

In the midst of the busyness of life and ministry, it is easy to get sidetracked. Yes, I get sidetracked all too often. Then I find that the void in my life is my doing. Like the prodigal son, I run home to the loving arms of the Savior. The Gospel is the Gospel. By God’s grace, God saved me. He saved you if you know Him. We must be about His business and not our own.

When you look around, it seems like the wheels have come off the bus in America. There is a desperation to change everything. Our leadership desires to rip away the moral fabric of our country. But let’s look deeper. When sin becomes greater, God’s grace abounds even more (Romans 5:20). They are not our enemies—they may be lost.

There is desperation in America. People are confused and looking for answers, and the only answer is in Christ. Pascal said, “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus Christ.” They need Jesus.

First things first! How will they know if we don’t tell them about the Savior? It’s time to move out of our comfort zones at church and move out from the building into our communities.

We must be about the Father’s business. They need the hope of the Gospel. They need Jesus. My passion for the last 32 years has been to reach kids with the Gospel. But not just reach them…I want to make disciples who make disciples—disciple-makers. That is what we are about as a ministry. We are raising up young fearless missionaries who know God’s purpose and plan.

We are dedicating the month of April to our Empowering Kids Fundraiser. It is our prayer to raise $20,000 toward expanding our work here in the U.S. and overseas. We have now trained more than 5,000 leaders in thirteen countries worldwide. Our leadership training has been translated into 10 different languages. We will be hosting mission trips in four states this summer (which comes with added expenses). Kids are being reached, discipled, and empowered to be missionaries of the Gospel. Praise the Lord!

Please join us in prayer to meet our goal to raise these needed funds. You can scan the QR code for more information or go to Thank you so much for your continued prayers for L.I.T. We are seeing mighty results.

In His Service,

Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries

Mission Trip DirectorsEd March 2023 2

We praise the Lord for our new Mission Trip Directors: DeAnn Noyes in Littleton, Colorado, and Russel Zach in North Carolina. Please keep them in your prayers as we approach this summer’s mission trips.



  • For our completed training in Burkina Faso led by Isaac Mphande and Heidi Hayslip
  • For God’s continued provision for L.I.T. Ministries
  • For a successful Missions-Evangelism Training Conference
  • For Vicki as she is all clear of cancer after a year of treatment

Prayer Requests

  • For our Empowering Kids Fundraiser to be a success
  • For our continued planning for the summer mission trips in Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas
  • For continued growth of the work here in the United States and for wisdom for Clint as he meets with church leaders
  • For the many opportunities worldwide and for wisdom and grace for the next steps

unnamed 9Dr. Clint May has observed an incredible move of God during 31 preteen mission trips in the past 20 years. His book documents how the Holy Spirit works in powerful ways when they join the Lord on His Great Commission.