We Want Our Kids to Be Able to Explain the Gospel, June 2023 Newsletter

We Want Our Kids to Be Able to Explain the Gospel by Michele WhitneyPicture1

Our family is so excited to go on the L.I.T. mission trip and share the Good News of Jesus with others. Since January, we’ve put the L.I.T. devotional and curriculum into our daily Bible study routine. We’ve challenged each other to get each Bible verse memorized as we’ve worked our way through the material. Each week we added a new verse to our verse wall. I continue to give the kids stickers each Friday if they can recite all of the verses. They’ve done an excellent job.

Our current goal is for each of our children to be able to explain orally the salvation process using the ABCs as a guide. Additionally, I require them to recite the Scriptures that support their statements. This has been challenging for them, yet such a blessing to their faith and our family! We continue to work on memorizing the songs and all of the motions to them as well. I will say, the kids are a lot better at that than me. I look forward to our trip to TX. I pray for ears that hear and for hearts to be soft and accepting to His Word. May the Lord bless you as well, as you prepare.

Great Testimonies from our Training in Uganda by Veronica EbbiePicture2

Participants got a chance to practice the new teaching strategy in a hands-on exercise. In breakout groups, they refined their skills in creating new young disciples and training the next generation of leaders.

Since the conference, reports have been flowing in about the impact of these training sessions. One ministry has reported that 50 new young people have joined their church. Now the children are evangelizing their peers. The system is working to increase the harvest into the kingdom of God, even from the youngest age.

Great Commission Kids: 31 Mission Trips and Still Growing by Clint May

Twenty-one years ago, I began an adventure in ministry that has blessed my life beyond measure. After 31 mission trips, I am looking forward to the five trips coming up this summer. OnP7170855 Sunday afternoon when the kids arrive for the mission trip, they look like deer in the headlights of a car. There is fear and anxiousness all over them. They fear the unknown and being sent out to teach and lead.

By Thursday of the week, their hearts are set on fire for the Gospel. Their worship moves quickly to celebration as they embrace God’s call for their lives. There is nothing more amazing than to see the transformation of their hearts from experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit.

I have had the privilege of tracking down many of the kids who went on one of our earliest mission trips back to 2004. The mission trip impacted them so deeply they have not wavered in their faith and are still walking with the Master. Many of them look back to their mission trip and testify how it set them on a course for life.

If you want a real blessing, I encourage you to get a copy of my book, Going Deep: Taking Children into the Spiritual Depths with God. It is packed full of testimonies and stories of lives impacted from many of the mission trips. It is available on Amazon.

In so many amazing ways, the Lord is opening doors for our international work. We have trained thousands of leaders to do what we are doing here, and it is working by the grace of God. I invite you to join us as we reach, disciple, and equip kids to be missionaries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join our team of more than 40 Monthly Ministry Partners. Join us as we take the Gospel worldwide. Click here for more information on how you can join our ministry team.


  • For the five mission trips this summer
  • For God’s continued provision for the ministry and the expansion of the work in Africa


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Isaac Mphande as he leads training in Tanzania and Ivory Coast in June.
  • Pray for our mission trip in Littleton, Colorado, June 11-16. Pray for DeAnn Noyes and her team of leaders who will be overseeing the trip this summer.
  • Pray for our mission trip in Hudson Oaks, Texas, June 26-30. Pray for the churches that will be attending during their time of preparation and training.
  • Pray for Clint May for physical rest during the trips.