L.I.T. July Newsletter '23: The Power of the Gospel to Change Lives

Littleton, Colorado Mission Trip Report (June 11-21)Picture1

Words cannot describe our experience in Littleton, Colorado. The Lord blessed us in so many ways. The L.I.T.s were moved powerfully by the Holy Spirit in prayer and ministry in the community. Many lives were changed, both in the community and among those who attended the trip.

We witnessed kids praying intently for each other and for the community during the trip. It is an incredible joy to see the Holy Spirit work in and through them. You could tell the Holy Spirit was moving by the way they prayed.

We are forever grateful for Horizon Christian Fellowship and the leadership of DeAnn Noyes. What an amazing team of folks who worked to make the mission trip successful!

Eli’s Prophetic Word

During our Littleton testimony time, Melissa shared the story of a preteen named Eli who prayed for her. “My oldest son, about a year ago, told my husband that he did not want anything to do with God or religion. So, I have been struggling with that as a mom. It has been weighing me down for over a year. Last night, Eli asked me, ‘Can I pray for you?’ I said, ‘Sure!’ The Holy Spirit spoke through him. He started praying, ‘Dear Lord, I just pray for Miss Melissa.’ And he said, ‘Let her let go of what she cannot control.’ So, I told the Lord, ‘Okay, I give him to You.’”



The Power of the Gospel to Change Lives—Hudson Oaks Mission Trip

Our mission trips have special highlights confirming that the Lord moved powerfully.

“We had a kid that didn’t come today, and it really bummed the kids out. We knocked on the door. We didn’t356259343 10232515630532215 3786710058172935908 n hear anything.Picture5

The entire time we were doing the Bible study, the mom sat in her car watching us.

When we were ready to leave, the mother got out of the car very quickly and approached us.

She poured her heart out, saying, ‘These kids (L.I.T.s) are the real deal.’

That they loved Christ, and they loved her son.

They had been going through an incredibly difficult time.

They didn’t have a church, and they want to go to church.

She wants to get her child baptized.

The encouragement she got from you guys will last a lifetime.

She is ready to go because of you guys.”

We are very grateful for Lakeshore Baptist Church, Hudson Oaks, Texas for hosting the trip.


When I Was Speaking, I Was Scared, and Something Came Over MePicture6

On Monday, Kenly was teaching. She told me after she taught that she was so nervous she forgot what to say. She prayed and said, “God, please help me, please help me.” You could not even tell she was scared.

During the evening testimony time, Kenly shared, “I was doing the Bible study. I was like really nervous and scared. Something just came over me and gave me the courage and confidence to be able to like to know what to say in front of all of the kids.”

unnamedBible Distribution on the Mission Trips

This year through the donations of individuals and Bibles donated by Know Ministries, we will have distributed close to 200 Bibles to children in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.







Praises356403603 10232501051567750 3884616242255231412 n

  • For two fantastic mission trips this summer
  • For God’s continued provision for the ministry and the expansion of the work in Africa


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our upcoming mission trips (the last two for this summer) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and for the churches attending from multiple states (Fielder in Arlington, TX, FBC in Topeka, KS, Southgate in Springfield, MO, and TCAL in Mansfield, TX).
  • Pray for Isaac Mphande as he leads training in Ivory Coast.
  • Pray for Clint May for physical rest during the next two back-to-back mission trips.
  • Pray for churches kicking off this fall in a new direction with L.I.T. resources.