Age Is Not a Prerequisite to Serve God, L.I.T. October Newsletter

Age Is Not a Prerequisite to Serve God —by Sarah Gonzalez


The first time I went on a mission trip with Leaders In Training, I was seven years old. Even though I was the youngest child there, I quickly learned that age is not a prerequisite to serve God. That week, I saw God move firsthand in many powerful ways.

Over the years, I attended seven mission trips; however, I still remember the first time I gave the Gospel presentation. I was nervous, tired, and did not feel prepared to teach in front of a crowd. Before I started, my leader prayed for me, and at that moment, the Holy Spirit took control. I don't remember what I said, but I remember feeling that God was using me to do His work and to glorify Him.

I am grateful to Leaders In Training because it taught me to understand that I have a responsibility to share the precious gift of salvation, and to do so. God is ready to use me as a vessel to glorify Him.

I Came To Discover That Children Can Be Missionaries, Too: Testimonies from NamibiaPicture1

We thank God for His faithfulness. I was invited by my elder brother to attend a training for Sunday school. As the training came to an end, I had discovered a list of things. In the past, we used to only teach memorization of Scripture to children. To my surprise, I came to discover that children can be missionaries, too, and they can share the Gospel with others. I grew up knowing that children are not mature enough to share the Word of God with others. After the training, we went to report to our pastor with my elder brother how the training went, and our pastor was happy to hear that children can be used by God. We had 21 children in our church between the ages of 5 and 14 years, and it has been very interesting to see the children share the Word of God with their friends. Today, the children's church has grown from 21 to 63. After two years now, children know that they are missionaries too and can share the Gospel with others. —United Apostolic Faith Church, Katima Mulilo Namibia

I Am Not Finished Yet! by Dr. Clint May

I am learning as I age that my mind is in the game, but sometimes my physical body is not. My heart for ministry has not wavered, but one thing I am doing is putting things behind me. I amClint cropped pressing forward to fulfill all that the Lord has called me to do. So here we go.

I am praying about additional mission trips this summer and during spring break. Why, you might ask? Of all of the things we do as a ministry, I hear more stories from young adults who say, “The L.I.T. mission trips put me on a course for life.” They are worth the effort to provide trips where preteens (4th -6th graders) and students can lead out on mission with the Lord. They experience things on the mission trips that they will never experience just sitting in the church.

The next goal for me is to expand our work internationally. We have an opportunity to train more than 2,000 pastors and leaders in India. I heard a leader from India say that the greatest mission field in India is children from 4 to 15 years of age. That gives us the potential to reach at least 40,000 children in India through these trained leaders. Not only reaching them, but discipling them and releasing them to reach their world with the Gospel.

We also plan to continue expanding our work in Africa. Praise the Lord, we have trained many more than 5,000 leaders in multiple countries throughout Africa and India.

We are looking at hosting multiple leadership training lunches in the Fort Worth and Dallas area. I love sharing the message of discipling and releasing children for ministry and missions.

I may be slowing down physically, but my heart is in the game 100 percent. I am not done until I cross the finish line and stand before the Lord one day. As Paul said, “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).

November is our fundraising month. Please pray about how you might join our effort to reach, disciple, and release ministers and missionary kids worldwide. I will be sending out a detailed email and letter shortly.


Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries.

2024 Mission Trip Dates & Locations

  • March 11-15, Weatherford, Texas (Tentative)
  • June 9-14, Faquay Varina, North Carolina
  • June 9-14 (Location to be announced)
  • June 23-28, Haltom City, Texas
  • July 21-26, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Prayer Request


  • For God's excellent work amongst children
  • For God's continued provision for L.I.T. Ministries
  • For confirmed mission trip locations
  • For open doors in India


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing during our fall fundraiser.
  • Pray for us as we continue to seek additional 2024 L.I.T. Mission Trips locations.
  • Pray for the funding we need to continue our expanded training in India.
  • Pray for Clint May’s health issues.