Greetings From L.I.T. Ministries

Greetings from L.I.T. Ministries.Picture3 2

It is hard to believe that what was birthed in the summer of 2002 is still making an eternal impact on children in the U.S. and now worldwide.

Now 21 years later, I have had opportunity to talk with many young adults who point back to their early years in L.I.T. and share how it had a lasting impact on their lives.

They often recount how they were set on a deep spiritual course for life because of the spiritual disciplines they learned and especially through their personal experiences on the mission trips.

I took my first out-of-town preteen mission trip in 2004.

From that summer to now, we have taken 36 mission trips.

More than 3,700 preteens and leaders have participated in the trips.

We rejoice that they led approximately 1,500 people to Christ.

In the summer of 2014, the Lord called me to take a step of faith and leave my full-time staff position at my church.

It did not make sense.

To this day, He has provided for all of our needs.

In 2016, the Lord opened many doors internationally.

We are now having an impact on thousands of children throughout Africa, India, and parts of South America.

We have now trained at least 5,000 leaders worldwide.

There are two ways you can make a difference:

First, you can PRAY! We need your prayers for wisdom, God’s provision, and for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully through the ministry. Prayer makes a huge difference.

Second, you can join us in ministry! When you support the work of L.I.T. Ministries, you are partnering with us in equipping leaders to reach children, disciple them, and empower them for ministry and missions. We currently have about 40 Monthly Ministry Partners.

This is HIS ministry! It has been a privilege to serve Him. Join us as we make a difference by reaching children and students with the Gospel and with a passion to disciple and equip them to become disciple-makers themselves.


Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries