BlakeL.I.T.—Where Do I Start? by Blake Hayworth

L.I.T. Ministries changed my ministry to children for many years. I saw a lot of young lives transformed as we walked our kids through the material. Many of our students mark these years in their lives as truly life-changing and the most pivotal time and change in their walk with Christ. During these years, I saw children serve in areas where children would have never been asked to serve. When talking to a number of these students, I find they have continued their daily discipline of Bible study and serving. I have experienced many of my students surrender to full-time ministry and serving in local churches. I could go on and on about the impact that L.I.T. has had, some of which will never be known on this side of eternity! (Blake Hayworth is the Missions & Recreation Pastor at FBC Ozark, Missouri.)

Richard RossThe L.I.T. movement recognizes that preteens are filled with the Spirit, Dr. Richard Ross
"Movements of God transcend human explanation. Revival and prayer movements are prime examples. Among the young, God used one youth group praying around the flag pole to launch a world-wide movement almost overnight. God used one youth group making clear promises of purity to launch an equally explosive movement. I see the L.I.T. movement in the same way. The training and mobilization of preteens for evangelism and missions, in one congregation, now has become a movement.

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“The L.I.T. training has highly transformed my ministry in a very significant way"

I have discovered that the ministry box has ruined children’s ministry for many, many years. We want to thank God for raising men like Dr. Clint with his ministry to bring a sharp insight with diligence of heart coming up with this L.I.T. approach to children’s ministry. I am glad to be raising not only children in my ministry under the power of this approach but even my own biological children.

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SantosWe Have Never Heard Teaching Like This Before. Santosh Bardhan

“The pastors are very glad to receive wonderful teaching from you. All of them said that this was our first time to hear such teaching. Many agreed with you that we ignore the children in the ministry in our churches. Thank you for opening their eyes to see how valuable they are and how useful they can be.

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Tanya Western ZambiaThe Training Has Changed Our Ministry, Tanya Western Zambia

Tanya in Western Zambia attended the Empowering The Next Generation Conference. She shared, "The training has changed our ministry. Our ministry is no longer like it was before we were trained. Each time I meet with my kids, I have children who can stand on their own now because of what they have learned and been allowed to do in the church.

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