What L.I.T. can do for your church

For many years in children’s ministry, I sent children into student ministry hoping that I had done everything right. My model was to have well-trained teachers and the best resources out there to make sure that children had a full understanding of the Word of God.

About fifteen years ago, I discovered that discipleship is not a curriculum but a process. As I began teaching children spiritual disciplines, I saw rapid spiritual growth and transformation in their lives. We also introduced this process to parents, and many times, it resulted in changing the spiritual lives of entire families as they got involved.

We began to engage children and preteens in ministry and discovered that children have spiritual gifts that have value in the church today. I learned that they don’t have a “baby” Holy Spirit—they have THE Holy Spirit living in them. As I helped children discover their spiritual gifts, it became my passion to equip them to use their gifts and then to release them in ministry in my church.

Would you like to see amazing changes and transformations in the lives of your children, parents, and leaders in your church? For more than fifteen years now, Leaders In Training (L.I.T.) has been a proven process for discipling children, preteens, and students. The combination of discipleship and ministry training will take your children’s ministry to a new level of effectiveness. Our goal is to recognize the uniqueness of every child, reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and disciple, equip, and release them for ministry in the church and the world.

L.I.T. provides a simple process for you to have access to all our resources for a reasonable price. No more shipping and handling. No more running out of books or resources. You just print them as you go. To make this possible, you simply purchase a subscription. Then, you will receive everything you need to cast the vision, train your leaders, and impact children and their families in your church. With L.I.T., your preteen ministry will become a disciple-making ministry. L.I.T. is a proven resource that helps bridge the gap between preteen and student ministry.

If you are ready to get started or just need more information, click here, and we will assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.