How Do Children Find Purpose in the Church Today?

You might ask, why am I here? Why do I exist? For every child in the church today, there is a desire to find purpose and identity. Thinking even more deeply, how do we help a child find their purpose in Christ’s church, and do they Purpose in the Churchreally have a purpose at such a young age? I have wondered this myself. Like Jesus’ disciples, I was guilty of hindering children in their walk with Christ. I assumed that their faith was only about taking in information, not about expressing it. In reality, Jesus was speaking to me just as He spoke to His disciples who were with Him every day. Remember His scathing rebuke to His disciples when they hindered the children from coming to Him? “For of such is the kingdom” (Matt. 19:14). Maybe they didn’t see the children as persons to be heard, but only seen. I want to say this with all my heart, KIDS HAVE A PURPOSE IN THE CHURCH TODAY! In fact, children who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior especially do because God has gifted them for service. Here are a few steps you can take to make a shift in the way you minister with kids:

  1. Commit to be open-minded to the Holy Spirit’s leadership. Years ago, I stepped out of the ministry box when I allowed the Lord to lead me in a different direction. As a result, we have seen many children’s lives connect to their purpose and God’s plan for their lives. Pray for creative ways for you to engage children in your church in ministry.
  2. Educate your people. Don’t assume that your church leadership and families will be excited about children serving in the church. This was my mistake. You have to sit down with them and show them biblically God’s plan and purpose for a child’s life. Click here to see a simple video explanation of God’s plan for kids. Click here to download a free copy of our spiritual gift test. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to release kids in ministry. I have found that the more challenging it is for them, the greater their spiritual growth will be. I love putting kids out of their comfort zones. I have seen them cry out to the Lord and Him show up and work through them in powerful ways.
  4. Entrust them with greater things as they are faithful in smaller tasks. I learned that when I give kids ministry responsibilities, I explain to them in detail what I expect and follow up with them later. When they step up to the task, I then release them to do even greater tasks. Through the process of time, they have become some of my greatest leadership assets in ministry.

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