L.I.T. Ministries, January 2019 Newsletter

Looking Forward to a Great 2019!

Greetings from Benbrook, Texas. I pray that the Lord will bless you this New Year with many opportunities to serve Him. We are looking forward to a great year in 2019. The L.I.T. Board of 92Directors met this week to look at 2019. Many doors of opportunity have opened for the ministry this year. As the ministry expands, we are taking steps to support the churches we are working with in the United States and internationally. We have seen amazing success with our online training. Churches from India, Indonesia, Africa, and many others have gone through our training, and it is having an impact on children and leaders there. We are planning a training event on March 4-6 of this year. Through this training, we will certify trainers for both the United States and internationally. We will also be recording this event, in which we will be sharing practical ways to disciple and engage children in ministry and missions. The training will be offered online for free to any church in the U.S. and internationally. L.I.T. is having a growing influence in many third-world countries, and they have requested many times for us to come to their countries to train their leadership. We hope to train and certify leaders who will travel overseas to equip leaders in multiple countries.


I am currently working on a book that I hope to release by the end of the year. Throughout the past 28 years of children’s ministry, I have seen and experienced true joy through discipling Clint Maychildren and equipping them for ministry and missions. It is my desire to put down in print what the Lord has taught me and show others how to do the same. I have set aside Fridays to write. Thank you so much for your many prayers and support. We would not be where we are today without you.

L.I.T. Ministries 2019 Calendar

Prayer Requests

  • For the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For wisdom to prepare for the multiple training events coming up in the spring
  • For God’s direction to take the ministry to a new level
  • For the preparation for our summer mission trips
  • For our international ministry partners
  • For God’s grace for this busy new year, that we may choose only what the Lord calls us to do
  • For Clint as he writes on Fridays, for the leadership of the Holy Spirit in his writing