God is Raising Up a Generation of Kid Missionaries

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Last month, we shared about a young man who started a Bible study at his school. During the ETNG conference, one of the attendees, Sandi St. Claire from Farley St. Church, shared that four children from her church had started Bible studies in their schools this school year. As I hear these stories, I am hearing and seeing a fresh move of God in the lives of children. He is moving in a powerful way in their lives. They are so passionate about reaching their friends that they are going to the school principals and getting permission to have their Bible studies. Apparently, the Lord is making that door wide open! Presley at Willow Park Church felt led to start a Bible study for her Christian friends who are struggling with their faith. There are seven girls attending each week. It is amazing to see children following the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their lives and reaching their friends in places where you would not even expect. As we move into the spring, we are seeing new doors of opportunity for L.I.T. Ministries. We covet your prayers for wisdom from the Father. This is His ministry, and we want to step through doors that He is opening.

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The ETNG Conference went great this past week! The feedback from the training was very positive. Church leaders felt inspired to take it home to their church and prepare to start a new paradigm where children are discipled and empowered to minister in their church setting. It is my passion to help churches develop a plan of ministry for children in the context of their church. For the past three years, we have developed a firm training model. We have modified the training to be a solid training platform that can be used in an international setting. Churches from Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Washington, and Uganda took part in the conference. One of the attendees, Veronica, plans to take what she has learned and train churches in Uganda. She shared, “I have been truly seeking the Lord for direction, and this was an answer to prayer. I am so excited to get started!” The training is filmed in high-definition video and will be made available shortly for churches in the U.S. and internationally.

Multiple Doors Opening Internationally

42677074 292951304768045 5518866725765906432 nL.I.T. Ministries is at a point where we are seeing major exponential growth internationally. It would be nice to say we have a full report. We hear almost everyday leaders who have been trained taking the training from their country to multiple countries around the world. Our online training has become an effective tool to train leaders who are impacted by children in powerful ways. Through Global Children’s Network, it is believed that trained leaders will reach more than 10,000 children. They are now preparing to disciple these children and equip them to minister in their churches and communities. We covet your prayers for wisdom. We do not want to get in the way of what the Lord is doing. He is moving, and maybe one day we will see the full impact of what He is doing around the world through this ministry.




Taking a Non-traditional Approach to Children's Ministry72

L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) takes a non-traditional approach to children’s ministry. Most curriculums are knowledge-based, where children are taught stories and information about the Bible according to their developmental learning styles. In many cases, Christian resource providers have adopted this secular education model. L.I.T. focuses more on what a child can do through the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. Children at a very young age can begin developing a steady walk with Christ through daily Bible study and prayer. Read more



Prayer Requests


  • For The Empowering The Next Generation Conference—we are so pleased with the results and feedback from this year’s conference
  • For God’s continue provision for the ministry
  • For four new churches that have joined the L.I.T. Ministry training model


  • For God’s provision for the ministry—we have lost some of our monthly supporters. Pray that the Lord would raise up new Ministry Partners to join us on the journey.
  • For Farley Street Baptist Church as they look for potential ministry sites for the mission trip this summer
  • For Clint as he continues to write his book. He is up to 90 pages now
  • For wisdom for international ministry opportunities
  • For the expansion of L.I.T. in the United States, that we would double the number of churches this year and double the impact on children in the U.S.