The Ezekiel Test: Where Do Kids Fit in Your Church?

I want to ask you a question: Where is your church today in the recognition of children and their spiritual gifts? I challenge you to take a moment toEzekiel Test honestly evaluate where you are and the importance of children using their gifts in the body of Christ today.  I encourage you to take a test—the Ezekiel test. We use Ezekiel 47:1-5 as an illustration of five levels of spiritual growth, depth, and involvement.

  1. On the bank (v. 2b)—I do, You watch
  2. Ankle deep (v. 3b)—I do, You help
  3. Knee deep (v. 4a)—You do, I help
  4. Waist deep (v. 4b)—You do, I watch
  5. Swimming (v. 5)—You do

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