Join us on the Journey as we Empower the Next Generation

“Once the importance of service is engrained in the fiber of your being, it is nearly impossible to get out. Whenever I joined the student ministry at my church, it was natural to serve in whatever capacity was Next Generation 1available. Because I was given the opportunity to serve through L.I.T. at a young age, I was prepared to serve in different positions as I advanced throughout my time within the student ministry and now into college ministry. I have been serving in the church since I was in 5th grade, nearly 10 years ago I started as an usher.” —Joel Hayworth (College Junior), Ozark, Missouri (To read Joel’s full story, click here.)

We want to invite you to join us on the journey of L.I.T. In the past 14 years, we have witnessed the power of the Gospel in the lives of children and students. You might ask what is different about L.I.T. Ministries. L.I.T. is not a program but a process by which to reach children with the Gospel of Christ and to disciple, equip, and release them in ministry.

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Transitioning Preteens into Student Ministry


Student MinistryIf you have worried about transitioning preteens who have been in L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) into the student ministry of your church, your worries are over. There have beea lot of challenges along the way to determine the best way to transition preteens from L.I.T. to the student ministry. The answer to the problem is not to stop what you are doing, but to continue the discipleship and equipping process. We discovered a common thread that when preteens moved into the student ministry, they were often lost because there was no longer a way to continue the process of L.I.T. We found that the best answer is to continue the process and take it to the next level. There are four elements of Csalt that help preteens move up:

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What if Kids Could Do More in the Church Today?

Kids in ChurchPlease be our guest today at 1:00 p.m. central time for a brief webinar to discuss preteen L.I.T. (Leaders in Training). 

For the past fourteen years L.I.T. has developed a process for discipling and equipping children for ministry.  This process brings rapid transformation in the lives of children.

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Giving Kids God-Sized Challenges

God Sized ChallengesOne of the greatest joys I have in ministry today is my leaders—my children leaders. Not adults, but the children of my church. Don’t get me wrong; I love the adult leaders. You see, I have had children serving in my church for more than eleven years. It didn’t start out that way for me, though. I began having children serve out of need. We would fill necessary holes in our ministry with children who could do it. Well, what I didn’t realize was that as I watched them and gave them greater and greater responsibility, they stepped up every time. You may not know it, but each of us in ministry has a calling to equip the saints for works of ministry and not do all of the work ourselves (Ephesians 4:11-13). What saints, you might ask? All of the saints, or believers in Christ. That includes kids! Well, I have done it, and it works. Children are some of the most solid leaders we have in our church. Here are a few steps I took to challenge children and grow their faith:

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