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"In my opinion, it is going to actually change the next generation of children that we are raising to live for Him. L.I.T. for me is not a program. It is a discipline that is teaching children how to have a love for God and His Word at a very young age. Teaching them how to read His Word and actually apply it to their lives on a daily basis." Karen Smith, Leader/Parent, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, Texas

“L.I.T. has been amazing for both the kids and the leaders at our church. The material has been instrumental in the depth of spiritual growth we have witnessed. Hearing their prayers, discussing their quiet times, and seeing a passion for the lost, our L.I.T.s’ spiritual journeys have become exciting and inspirational!” Brandi Melvin, Children’s Minister, Springfield, Missouri

Preteen ministry can be one of the most challenging but rewarding ministries in your church.

  • They are at a heightened level of spiritual awareness.
  • They are ready to do big things for a Big God.
  • You do not want to sit them in a classroom and only give them knowledge about the Bible.
  • You want the Word of God to come alive in their lives through discipleship and active ministry involvement.

Our discipleship resources challenge preteen leaders to live as examples as Paul did with Timothy in the New Testament.

"Leaders In Training Is Exactly What I Was Looking For!"Russell Zacek, Children's Pastor, Church Alive

What Happens at Home?

Two of the key predictors of a child's life-sustaining faith as a young adult are reading the Word of God and spending time in prayer daily.

  • L.I.T. has created a devotional that encourages daily Bible study and prayer.
  • These printable resources are easily accessible from the L.I.T. website and can be printed on demand.
  • The devotional takes between five to fifteen minutes per day.
  • Parents reinforce what their child is studying through the Parent Talk materials for each week. 

Our practical training tools (Parent Discipleship Handbook) help parents set their preteen’s spiritual life as a top priority at home. 

Parents can have an amazing impact on their preteens when properly equipped to do so

What Happens at Church?

  • Another key predictor of a child’s life-sustaining faith is serving in a local church regularly.
  • The church provides ministry training for children and preteens. We understand that these younger believing saints have a calling to serve today.
  • Paul discipled Timothy and trained and equipped him to be a pastor/leader in the church.
  • The Disciple Group leader moves preteens from mentees to mentors, from disciples to disciplers.
  • Through Disciple Groups, preteens discover their spiritual gifts and learn to use their gifts to serve in their small groups and the church.

Preteens will learn daily spiritual disciplines at home to sustain their faith during difficult times as they move into middle and high school.

There are two essential components to L.I.T.:

It is a unique ministry that requires a commitment from both preteens and parents.

DSC 8501Ministry Training:

The Holy Spirit gifts believing preteens in many ways.

  • Ministry training allows them to choose an area of ministry in which they are gifted.
  • Ministry training equips and trains them to use their gifts in ministry.
  • Many churches we work with use their children's church services as a platform to allow their preteens to lead worship, sound/tech, teach the lesson, games, etc. Ministry involvement is key to them discovering their purpose and identity in the body of Christ. Download a copy of our free spiritual gift test.


DSC 1353 2019 03 07 18 15 54 UTCDiscipleship Group:

The Discipleship Group (D-Group) leader moves from teacher to mentor and discipler.

  • They learn to aim at the heart for life change rather than the head for head knowledge.
  • The success of the Disciple (small) Group results from preteens faithfully doing their daily quiet times at home.
  • Transformation comes about by spending daily time with the Master.
  • It also allows the D-Group leader to heavily involve the preteens in their small group using their gifts to teach part or all of the weekly D-Group lesson.

Preteens Don't Need Our Permission to Speak for ChristPicture9

Chaylee (5th grade) stood before about 50 children and parents at the “See You At The Pole" rally at Peaster Elementary School. She shared a clear presentation of the Gospel. Chaylee is part of the teaching team at Willow Park Baptist Church.



Community Ministry/Missions:

Part of the commitment of L.I.T. is to train children and preteens how to share their faith.

  • Every believer, including children and preteens, is called to share the Gospel with a lost and dying world.
  • Our community outreach materials give you the tools to train them.
  • L.I.T. is committed to raising young missionaries to reach their world with the Good News of Christ.

L.I.T. Mission Trips:

We would love for you to join us on our next Mission Trip. Click here for information about our upcoming trip.
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